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Dillon Danis: Rumors of anti-Muslim slur were started by Khabib fans to justify UFC 229 meltdown

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After his emphatic victory over bitter rival Conor McGregor (video), reigning UFC lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, scaled the Octagon wall and jumped into the crowd in an attempt to smash “Notorious” coach, Dillon Danis.

Later that evening, during a brief appearance at the UFC 229 post-fight press conference, Nurmagomedov justified his actions, accusing McGregor and Co. of hurling religious insults toward the hot-headed “Eagle,” bolstered by a report from TMZ.

Danis vehemently denies the claim.

“Khabib fans are attempting to smear me in an effort to justify his actions,” Danis told ESPN. “I have never and would never denigrate anyone’s religion. I look forward to the results of the Nevada Gaming Commission investigation which will reject this bulls--t claim and put the blame where it belongs.”

I think most fans would agree the blame is shared by all parties involved.

Nurmagomedov’s swan dive set off a chain of events that included a post-fight brawl between McGregor and a couple of goons from Team Dagestan, including UFC featherweight Zubaira Tukhugov, who later bragged about his “Notorious” attack.

What happens next and who receives the brunt of the punishment will be decided by Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). One thing we know for certain is that Nurmagomedov will retain his 155-pound strap, assuming he retains his job.

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