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Charles Manson’s grandson, the ex-Strikeforce fighter, wants his late grandpa’s estate

Manson Mugshot Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The name Charles Manson doesn’t mean much these days, since the Manson family murders took place in the summer of 1969, roughly one month after Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White was born.

Back in the day it was a pretty big deal, and so is Manson’s passing. Not just because of his place in pop culture history, but also because he leaves behind a sizable estate, one his grandson is currently trying to get control of.

Former Strikeforce heavyweight Jason Freeman (summarized by Bloody Elbow).

Since the 1970s Manson has been well established in American pop culture. His name and story feature in numerous books, songs, films, and television shows. There are also dozens of music recordings available that were produced by Manson and his family members. Manson ‘Murderabilia’ - items once belonging to Manson or otherwise associated with his crimes - is also a lucrative industry.

All this, and claims of ownership to songs recorded by The Beach Boys and Guns N’ Roses, amount to a highly profitable estate. The owners of the estate would also have the power to license future film, TV, and book projects. Those individuals would also have control over how Manson’s remains are handled.

Freeman, 41, who operated under the handle “Charles Manson III,” hasn’t competed in mixed martial arts (MMA) since his 2011 beatdown of Jason Reilly at the “Feijao vs. Henderson” event in Columbus, Ohio.

Despite multiple attempts to earn parole, Manson remained behind bars until his death back in November. Los Angeles Superior Court is charged with straightening out his estate, also being claimed by cult member offspring Michael Brunner and former pen pal Michael Channels.

Is normal.

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