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Max Holloway: Lightweight move may come sooner, rather than later if UFC keeps adding more ‘medical stuff’

Max Holloway has gone on record to admit that his body is still developing as he gets older, including adding more muscle mass, which could make his cut down to the Featherweight division a bit tougher.

And when you take into consideration that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), as well as certain athletic commissions, are taking measures to prevent weight-cutting issues (examples here and here), “Blessed” says his move up to the Lightweight division could come sooner, rather than later.

And despite never missing weight, Max revealed during a recent guest spot on The MMA Hour (via Sports Joe) that he is constantly getting checked on by UFC officials regarding his weight.

“After my last four fights, I’ve gotten emailed by the UFC about my weight about their nutritionists at the PI (Performance Institute). Look UFC, stop sending me damn emails. I have the got the best nutritionist in the game. His name is Tyler Minton. We make the damn weight. Medically, if they change a couple of things around, I’m probably not going to be able for 145 pounds. If it happens, it happens. Medically, if the UFC adds more rules, I’ll most definitely have to step up, but right now, they didn’t. I’m a 45-er. If they start passing more medical stuff, I probably won’t (be able to make 145). I’ve never missed weight in my life, so I don’t know why they’re giving me a hard time. But if they pass more rules, I probably won’t be medically able to pass it. 155 might come sooner rather than later. We’ll see what happens.”

There’s always this option.

For now, Max will keep doing his thing at 145 pounds, a division he’s dominated since 2014, winning twelve straight fights including capturing the division strap and beating down Jose Aldo in back-to-back outings.

His next task will be a title defense against former 155-pound champion Frankie Edgar, which is set to headline UFC 222 on Sat., March 3, 218 in Las Vegas, Nevada. To see the latest up-to-date “Holloway vs Edgar” fight card click here.

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