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Eddie Alvarez: ‘Bull-sh*tting’ Nate Diaz only wants to return for Conor McGregor UFC trilogy fight

Nate Diaz recently hit headlines after he hinted at a potential return to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) this summer after 1.5 years way from professional mixed martial arts (MMA) competition.

Predictably, there was no shortage of Lightweight contenders jumping at the chance to welcome the Stockton slugger back to the Octagon, including former 155-pound champion Eddie Alvarez. According to “The Underground King,” however, his desire to fight Diaz is all for naught because the Conor McGregor slayer is putting the entire Lightweight division on blast.

“When he said something, it was the equivalent of a guy calling out a bunch of, like there’s a bunch of fighters in a group, and some tough guy yells out, ‘You are all a bunch of bitches,’ and then walks way,” Alvarez explained on a recent interview on “The MMA Hour.

“So he had to expect at least one guy to turn around and say something. And when you say that, you have to be ready to fight someone ... or at least one of the guys you called out. That was my thinking. We were all called bitches, then the guy walks away and don’t say shit. It was odd, and I had a tough time understanding why he would even say anything if he’s not willing to fight anybody.”

According to Alvarez, Diaz is selling wolf tickets because at the end of the day he truly only wants one fight.

“This guy just wants to fight one guy, and if you just want to do that, just talk to that one guy and don’t yell at a group of guys. The more I think about it, when Conor takes a break, Nate takes a break. His ego doesn’t let him say that he just wants to fight Conor,” he added.

“Just say it and be honest. If that’s who you want to fight, there is nothing wrong with that, just don’t call everyone out if you have no intention of fighting anybody. You’re getting fans excited and your just bull shitting.”

According to Alvarez, UFC reached out about his interest in the fight, which he obviously didn’t reject. With one fight left on his current deal, Alvarez wants to see it out with a bang; however, if Diaz isn’t willing to sign on the dotted line then it’s just a bunch of wasted chatter.

Still, Alvarez won’t sit idly by, as he is currently helping Frankie Edgar prepare for his upcoming title fight against Max Holloway at UFC 222, all while staying in tip-top shape just in case Khabib Nurmagomedov or Tony Ferguson bow out of their title fight, which is set for UFC 223 on April 7, 2018.

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