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Novitzky: Jon Jones drug test does not indicate intentional use

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, failed his UFC 214 pre-fight drug test back in July, which returned positive for anabolic steroids (Turinabol) in his scheduled urine screening.

As expected, his B-sample also came back hot.

That overturned his technical knockout win over Daniel Cormier to a “No Contest” and left “Bones” provisionally suspended by United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), though UFC vice president of athlete health and performance, Jeff Novitzky, believes this isn’t a case of intentional cheating.

From his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast:

“I’ve said this awhile now, it would not make a lot of sense for an individual, a UFC athlete who knew, especially a champion or contender like Jon Jones, who knew ‘Hey, I’m tested quite regularly in the program,’ would not make a lot of sense that (Turinabol) would be your drug of choice if you were intentionally trying to cheat. USADA did another test on Jon after his positive test and he was negative. Who knows where it plays out, but certainly on the surface of things, I have said, with that type of information out there, it wouldn’t indicate intentional use.”

Not sure we can same the same about Chinese cocaine.

Turinabol takes several months to clear an athlete’s system and is not something that can easily be cycled, according to Novitzky, so Jones would have to be the biggest moron on the UFC roster (plausible), or get mixed up with some shady supplements (probable).

It happens, even if you're a “Good” guy.

This is not Jones’ first go-round with USADA, thanks to a failed drug test ahead of UFC 200 (details). That’s why his ability to reach a settlement with the governing agency is critical, as the maximum sentence for this latest mishap is four years.

Otherwise known as the end of his career.

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