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Francis Ngannou is taking a break from fighting after loss to Stipe Miocic

The heavyweight contender has announced his intentions to take a vacation following his loss at UFC 220.

MMA: UFC 220- Miocic vs Ngannou Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Francis Ngannou’s rise through the MMA ranks has been shocking and impressive, not just because of what we saw of his skills but how quickly he made it to the top. Ngannou’s first pro fight was in 2013, not even five years ago. Last Saturday, he competed for the UFC heavyweight championship. Amazing.

But it seems like Ngannou is ready to slow down the breakneck pace of his career. The Cameroonian contender went onto social media to let his fans know that he’d be taking a break from fighting.

”I’m taking some time off which will benefit my personal life by going back home to see family and friends,” he wrote on Instagram. “Then I’ll be back to set things up.”

He finished off his post with a message for himself (and maybe some of his fans): #relax.

Ngannou fought three times over the past 12 months, and three times in 2016. That’s about as active as you can ask any fighter for and even crazier considering he fights in the heavyweight division, where one mistake can leave you unconscious on the canvas.

There’s no indication of how long Francis will be gone for, but he certainly deserves a few months off before returning to the grind. It will also allow him to decompress and digest the lessons he learned from losing to Stipe Miocic over their 25 minute grind of a battle. Miocic managed to avoid Ngannou’s bombs and used his superior wrestling to dominate on the canvas. The blueprint has now been laid on how to defeat him, and he’ll need to evolve if he wants to keep succeeding as he has in the past.

And yeah, his cardio and wrestling may not be bad, but it could still use a level up. All that takes time, something the 31 year old still has a lot of.

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