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UFC 220 results from last night: Shane Burgos vs Calvin Kattar fight recap

MMA: UFC 220- Kattar vs Burgos Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight bruisers Shane Burgos and Calvin Kattar scrapped last night (Jan. 20, 2018) at UFC 220 inside the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

Aside from the big man in the main event, Burgos came into this fight with arguably more hype than anyone else. Despite having just three fights in the UFC, the knockout artist had already earned himself a reputation for violence and aggression. In his first appearance on the main card of a pay-per-view (PPV), Burgos had an opportunity to really make the most of that momentum.

Meanwhile, Kattar was flying under the radar a bit. That said, the Featherweight prospect had not lost a fight in years and looked quite sharp in his debut. Plus, taking out “The Hurricane” would be a great way to gain acclaim quickly.

Burgos opened with pressure and jabs, ready to counter Kattar’s offense at the slightest indication that his opponent was going to fire. However, Kattar quickly established his own jab, landing some good counter strikes of his own and digging low kicks.

Both men were firing and landing from within the pocket. Burgos did well to dig to the body, but Kattar’s jab was landing at a ridiculously high rate. It really allowed him to set the tone of exchanges even if his foe controlled the center of the Octagon. In the final minute of the round, Burgos began to throw more in combination, which helped him land more often.

After five minutes of excellent kickboxing, Kattar was ahead.

Burgos committed to the inside low kick to counter the jab and found some success, but Kattar’s jab continued to smack into his nose. Early on, Kattar’s movement and jab were enough to keep Burgos off, but the undefeated prospect continued making smart adjustments.

The low kick and body shots of Burgos slowed his opponent down just a touch. It was a small change, but it meant that Burgos was in range to land more often, and his punches were more significant. Kattar never stopped firing back or abandoned his strategy, but Burgos landed the heavier strikes.

It was likely tied up heading into the third round.

Burgos looked to continue building on his momentum by pressing forward, but Kattar bounced back and jammed a cross into his chin. Burgos stumbled, and Kattar followed up with a perfect right uppercut on the jaw. Burgos hit the mat, but Kattar followed up with some very accurate ground strikes that forced a very sudden finish.

Kattar fought brilliantly. Opposite the pressure boxer, establishing the jab is hugely important. Kattar did that and more, sticking his opponent over and over with a crisp jab. He mixed up the timing well, both flicking and smashing Burgos’ face with the strike. In addition, Kattar’s footwork and kicks were on point. He changed directions frequently, stayed out of Burgos range until he decided to engage. When backing away from his foe’s offense, Kattar also did a great job of planting with a sudden low kick.

The eventual knockout was all set up by Kattar’s distance management.

Kattar is now 2-0 inside the Octagon with a pair of excellent wins. He deserves a spot in rankings and should receive a top 10 opponent next.

Burgos fought well. He was flustered early by Kattar’s jab and movement, but Burgos showed his skill by adjusting. The focus on low kicks and body shots was textbook — although the outside low kick would’ve been welcome as well — and it brought him back into the fight.

“The Hurricane” had the momentum going into the third, but his night was ended by a great setup from his opponent and perhaps a touch of over-confidence. That’s not a criticism; Burgos’ confidence in his chin and power led him to a ton of success and brought him back from a losing opening round.

Burgos has a live-by-the-sword-or-die-by-it mentality, and this time it cost him. Regardless, it will still be very exciting to watch his future bouts.

Last night, Calvin Kattar ended an excellent scrap with a third-round knockout. Who should Kattar face next?

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