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Video: Wanderlei Silva resurfaces on Japanese game show, makes weird faces

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil

Wanderlei Silva looks like a cross between Kurt Angle and The Great Pumpkin.

I’m not exactly sure if it’s his age, or his shaved head, or the fact that he’s pushing a giant glass wall, but those faces are memes waiting to happen. So please stop reading this nonsensical drivel and start photoshopping!

Right after you watch these videos:

The 41-year-old Brazilian — employed by Bellator — is currently awaiting his next assignment in mixed martial arts (MMA), after coming up short in a return bout against fellow Utimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran Chael Sonnen.

“The Axe Murderer” is 35-13-1 (1 NC) overall and has not won back-to-back fights in over 10 years. Still, that hasn't stopped Silva from trying, as he’s currently lobbying for a rematch against the disgruntled Vitor Belfort.

From a fan perspective, I could be happy just watching him compete in a bunch of Japanese game shows, including this one, because it sure beats this.

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