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Midnight Mania! Remember that time Conor McGregor predicted Khabib Nurmagomedov would be lightweight champion?

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Welcome to Midnight Mania- and happy New Year!

A new year is a time for contemplation, looking back at years past, but looking to the future as well. It is fully in this spirit that I present you with this clip: Conor McGregor, who had not yet consolidated his hold on the featherweight throne against Jose Aldo, predicting an eventual clash with lightweight champion... Khabib Nurmagomedov.

There are shades of Cormier predicting his own knockout here, or Ronda Rousey prophesying her downfall at Holly’s left high kick. Of course, it also reminds us how unpredictable the future can be. It was McGregor who got to the lightweight title first, with Khabib’s constant injuries keeping him out of the title conversation until after McGregor won his belt last year. Yet, time is a flat circle, and we find ourselves looking at a likely Nurmagomedov title fight once more, except with McGregor sitting on his absentee belt, asking Nurmagomedov and Ferguson to beg him.

Nurmagomedov was having none of that.

Contrast Ferguson’s reply with McGregor’s here:

The real issue, the vast majority of the time whenever one fighter or another gets accused of “ducking”, is always the UFC’s supreme reluctance to come correct with anything like the right amount of cold hard cash. That is no different here. The problem is not, primarily, McGregor ducking Ferguson OR Nurmagomedov. He’s never ducked an opponent in his career, reliably taking on all comers. He fought Max Holloway, Diego Brandao, Chad Mendes, and Nate Diaz on short notice. When Diaz beat him, he went straight into a high-risk rematch, despite knowing the stylistic matchup he faced. No, the issue is money. As Nurmagomedov said after his fight, McGregor made 100 million dollars. He isn’t about to return to the UFC to fight for 3 million up front, or even ten million. They have to meet him where he wants to be met in terms of pay and a slice of equity, or go without their top and only superstar.

On the meaning of Diddy bread:

BossLogic’s posters are a reminder that the UFC can rarely be bothered to put even the slightest effort into marketing:

Conor also trolled Floyd... again.


Nurmy’s win was the most lopsided in UFC history, on the scorecards:

With Mackenzie Dern’s UFC debut set, here’s that time she grappled Gabi Garcia and beat her.

She also did this:

A lot of fighters celebrated New Year’s in style.

Was this my 2017? Maybe...

Gunnar Nelson and his father are cooler than you.

Happy new year from the Nelsons

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Hi Tech training.

I must admit it warmed my heart to see Doo Ho Choi and Cub Swanson sitting together after having 2016’s Fight of the Year.

Relationship goals af @koreansuperboy @cubswanson

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Angela Hill hitting pads with her husband

Tony Ferguson didn’t like Rogan wearing Khabib’s papka.

TJ Dillashaw had a baby boy, and named him Bronson Jack... BJ Dillashaw!

Alrighty then.

Slips, Rips, and Rizin Clips

In no particular order:

Tenshin is a master and a monster

Rizin pays Horiguchi pretty well:

Rizin also has far better production value...


...they also (like the UFC) have female fighters who knock people out...

... and no USADA. Is there any question who put on the superior show on New Year’s Eve?

More Tenshin

Rena, their star female fighter, had her first loss since 2011:

Kyoji Horiguchi is one of the best flyweights on the planet. Winning this tournament, fighting twice on one night, was no easy feat.

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