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Dana White mocks Trump haters: ‘You lost, ride out your four years and vote again’


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is a big fan of heavyweight power puncher Francis Ngannou, who competes for the heavyweight title at UFC 220 this weekend in Boston.

But he’s a bigger fan of U.S. President Donald Trump.

That’s why White won’t be joining “The Predator” on this front, instead sending a message to the butthurt voters who put all their eggs in the Clinton basket. You lost, now deal with it until the next election.

From his appearance on Boston Herald Radio:

“He’s one of the most stand-up human beings that I have ever dealt with in the business. Fact. I’m a Trump guy ... if you don’t like the way this turned out you should have voted. You lost ... you ride out your four years and then you vote again when the elections come up,” White said. “The way that people have acted and continue to act during this election is disgusting ... I don’t fault anybody for who they vote for or criticize anybody for who they voted for.”

Listen here:

White can talk tough in “Beantown” now that he no longer answers to this guy.

The Las Vegas fight boss was welcomed with open arms at the Trump casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, back when most states wanted nothing to do with mixed martial arts (MMA) or the people who ran it.

That led White to stump for Trump at the Republican National Convention back in 2016 (video) and vows to accept the Donald’s dinner invitation before his term is up, assuming he can make it all four years.

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