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Vitor Belfort reacts to losing Michael Bisping fight in London: ‘Being a legend is not for everyone’

UFC on FX: Belfort v Bisping Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

If former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Michael Bisping is going to fight this March in London, in what will surely be his retirement fight, then he wants to make sure his opponent is a well respected, classy fighter.

Not a “hypocritical drug cheat” like Vitor Belfort.

That’s why “The Count” has rejected the Brazilian’s offer to run in back at the UFC Fight Night 127 mixed martial arts (MMA) event across the pond, following an official offer from the world’s leading combat sports promotion.

“Bisping, stop finding excuses,” Belfort wrote on Instagram. “UFC offered us Belfort vs Bisping 2 and I said YES. I will fight you in your country. How about that? Let’s make an amazing show for all the fans around the the world and retire in great fashion.”

The Brit answered on his official podcast (via MMA Fighting):

“I’m not fighting Vitor Belfort in London. 100 percent, I’m not fighting him. Zero percent chance. This is my - if I fight in London - it’s my last ever fight, and I want to handle myself the way I handled myself the majority of the time. I don’t want it to be some bitter rivalry with a guy that has caused me lasting disfigurement and that I’m emotionally charged up against. I’d rather go out there, put my best foot forward, enjoy the moment, fight somebody that I respect, fight somebody that’s gonna be a challenge but I have a lot of respect for, and do it in a classy way.”

With this guy retired, that certainly narrows the field.

Bisping (30-9) was knocked out by Belfort in the UFC on FX 7 main event back in early 2013, one of many “spectacular fucking victories” tallied during the era of “TRT Vitor.” Unfortunately for “The Count,” the loss left him permanently disfigured.

Belfort (26-13, 1 NC), who also plans to retire after his next fight, remains unsympathetic.

“What a shame Mike Bisping, UFC just informed me that you have declined the fight,” Belfort said. “I understand you are scared. And I thought you were man enough to step up in the Octagon with me again, my mistake. Happy retirement, you must be feeling amazing leaving the sport through the back door. To be a legend is not for everyone!”

Bisping has yet to commit to an official return, but considering the London event is less than two months away, a decision needs to be made sooner, rather than later.

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