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Joe Rogan: UFC will strip Conor McGregor, book Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov in Russia

Joe Rogan questions answers everything.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator is making predictions for the future of the promotion’s lightweight division, currently being held hostage by 155-pound kingpin Conor McGregor.

And it doesn’t look good for “Notorious” mixed martial arts (MMA) fans.

That’s because Rogan predicts the promotion will strip McGregor of the lightweight strap, giving Khabib Nurmagomedov the opportunity to fight interim champion and longtime rival Tony Ferguson.

Right in his own backyard, according to Rogan’s podcast prediction (via MMA Junkie):

“Here’s my prediction: My prediction (is) Conor doesn’t fight for a while. They strip Conor. Tony and Khabib fight for the world title. I think they’re going to strip him, because Conor’s got $100 million in the bank, and he’s having fun and talking (expletive), and he’s going to keep training,” Rogan said. “And he’s going to make a big fight in the future, but I think Khabib and Tony is the big fight and (expletive), they might even do that one in Russia. They’re talking about doing a big fight in Russia.”

So much for that Rocky storyline.

McGregor has not competed in MMA since his UFC 205 win over Eddie Alvarez in New York in late 2016. He made a pit stop on the “sweet science” to get rich with Floyd Mayweather Jr., then failed to commit to a UFC return date (because of this).

Or had one and got spanked, if you believe this crap.

Either way, the show must go on, and promotion president Dana White has given his “Notorious” champion a few months to shit or get off the pot. Otherwise, “El Cucuy” will get to call himself the rightful king of the 155-pound weight class.

Which some fighters already knew.

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