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Midnight Mania! Darren Till bigger, better version of McGregor, still lives in his uncle’s spare bedroom

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UFC Fight Night: Cerrone v Till Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

In 2017, Darren Till went from a relatively anonymous youngster in the most crowded division in the UFC, to a standout contender in less than a round. That’s how long it took him to demolish Donald Cerrone, handing “Cowboy” the first three-fight skid of his career. In his previous fight, Cerrone had narrowly lost by split decision to Robbie Lawler. Till picked him apart with efficiency and elegance, crowding Cerrone against the cage and unleashing clinical one-twos until Cerrone crumbled.

“All the welterweights were jealous of that and calling me Dana’s new cash cow,” Till told MMAJunkie. “If Dana’s put a target on my back, I want that. I want people to want to come and fight me so I can beat everyone on my way to the title.

“They can say what they want because if they want to come and fight me, then come and fight me. But they’re going to have a hard night because I am hard (expletive).”

Till doesn’t want to be resting on his laurels, nor does he want to take the easy road to the title. When he talks about being a light heavyweight, he’s being completely serious; that’s the division he wants to end up in after rolling through welterweight and middleweight.

“In all honesty, I am too big for the division,” he said. “You could see with Cerrone, and I know he’s a former lightweight, but I am huge at this weight. I’m going to spend some time taking over at welterweight, but then I will move up.

“People think I’m joking, but I’m also planning on going up to light heavyweight because I still have years to go and I’m going to continue to grow. I want to be a three-weight world champion.”

A former Muay Thai champion in Brazil, Till’s pressure and style have drawn obvious comparisons to Conor McGregor, and Till not only agrees, but embraces the comparison. He thinks his long fighting style and accuracy makes him a nightmare matchup for another top contender, Rafael Dos Anjos.

“A pay-per-view against dos Anjos in Brazil would be huge, and I am totally up for it,” Till said.

“The great thing is, I would go there and beat him in a round because he’s designed for me and is just too scrappy on the feet. I think Conor McGregor would have absolutely annihilated him, and I’m twice Conor’s size. I’m also a similar fighter to Conor – just much better. I would kill dos Anjos, and I just don’t know what he’s doing in this division.”

He has thoughts on Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson too:

“I don’t feel like I’ve earned a title shot and, to be totally honest, I don’t even feel like I’ve earned a top-three spot,” the Liverpudlian said. “The only reason why I asked for ‘Wonderboy’ is because I think it would decipher who the best striker is (in welterweight division). But I don’t really care if it’s No. 1 or No. 10.

“He’s an excellent fighter, one of the best, and I don’t want to fight him for an easy route to the title, but because I want to test myself against the best. If he’s the guy to beat me and take all my momentum, then fair play to him. But I don’t believe he could do it.”

Till has clearly remained grounded since his breakout win; in fact, he still lives in his uncle’s spare bedroom. He’s even taking the bus to get around, since his car is in the shop. Unlike McGregor, Till doesn’t care about flashing his wealth on social media. He’s just here to work hard and talk shit.

“As long as I can eat and buy a pair of trainers (shoes), I’m happy,” Till said. “I’m a very content and happy man. I don’t care about the Mercs and Lamborghinis. You can leave that for the show ponies, who post all that on Instagram. I just want to work hard and talk (expletive).”


Matt Brown and Chuck Liddell

Someone memed Dominick Cruz and he thought it was hilarious

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Anthony Joshua trains defense with a tennis ball.

Boxing training is some of my favorite to watch, clearly.

Speaking of boxing, I would also watch these two fight half a dozen times and not get tired of it.

Sir Robert Knuckles Whittaker, New Zealand’s first UFC champion.

Mike Tyson sent Khabib Nurmagomedov some gear

Thank you my Brother @miketyson for sending me this beautiful gear. @rootsoffight

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Khabib is a funny guy. He’s a threat to all the tiramisu out there, as well as the lightweight division.

Or welterweights, if Tyron Woodley’s thinking is correct.

In case you want creepy dreams tonight:

#khabibnurmagomedov #conormcgregor #danawhite

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Michael Bisping hitting pads. Will his next fight be his last?

Working. @sanabul @myproteinuk @rvca

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I want the iron neck wrestling snake charm.

A few clips of today’s training with @kingmofh @alexcorbs @scottaskham1 and @illwavybrooks86 all athletes are in different stages of fight camp at different stages in their career and at different levels of experience so my approach is to make sure all exercise volume/intensity and modality match the circumstances. ______________________________ Without a plan you plan to fail, and without structure there is chaos. It’s about choosing the exercises that will initiate the greatest overall response while selecting the volume and intensity needed for that subjective time frame. ______________________________ Exercises in video include: -@theironneck wrestling snake charm: neck and posterior chain isometrics/quasi isometrics strength ______________________________________________ Banded Zercher Split Squat RDL: stability and posterior chain strength ______________________________________________ #fatgripz KB bent over row: grip strength and back hypertrophy ______________________________________________ Weighted Box Squat Box Jump: rate of force development, static overcome by dynamic, and explosive power _____________________________ Banded Reverse GHR Supine Plank Punches: trunk stability and quasi isometrics with anterior delt and tricep strength endurance _____________________________ Med Ball Isometric Guillotine Hold: sports specific isometric strength ______________________________ For training program templates, virtual coaching, and seminar schedule go to or DM #mmastrengthandconditioningcoach #mmastrengthandconditioning #strengthcoach #periodization #programming #power #strength #performance #darustrong #americantopteam @fightcampconditioning

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Douglas Lima is a dangerous fighter

Doo Ho Choi has been in amazing fights for a long time now.

That entry is so silky smooth from Jordan Burroughs

Another brutal choke #bjjlife #jiujitsulifestyle #bjjlifestyle #judo

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