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Jessica-Rose Clark’s home robbed as she prepares for UFC: ‘St. Louis’ fight with Paige VanZant

“Jessy Jess” got the bad and disturbing news just three days before the biggest fight of her life.

Invicta FC

Jessica-Rose Clark landed her job in the UFC by stepping up on 11 days notice to fight Bec Rawlings in Australia. Following her split decision win, she probably hoped that she’d have a less stressful fight week experience in her next fight. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

According to tweets from Clark, her Las Vegas apartment was robbed while she’s in St. Louis preparing to fight Paige VanZant on Sunday night. Just a warning: this story involves animal cruelty and is a real bummer.

What kind of garbage excuse for a person kicks the cat while robbing a place? The worst kind. The MMA scene, especially those in Clark’s home of Las Vegas, have responded in horror and are trying to get enough info out to catch the perpetrators.

Obviously, if you happen to live in Vegas and hear anything, you know who to contact. For everyone else, sorry ... you’ll just have to sit there and stew in anger that there are awful people out there with no decency whatsoever.

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