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Conor McGregor had a shirtless face off with billionaire Richard Branson

Conor McGregor just had a pre-fight type staredown but it wasn’t with anyone you’d expect.


Out of all the people you’d hope Conor McGregor would get into a pre-fight staredown with, I bet you weren’t expecting Virgin Group billionaire Richard Branson to be one of them. But that’s exactly what they got up to at the Pendulum Summit in Dublin earlier today.

McGregor was on hand to receive a lifetime achievement award from the annual business summit group that attracts rich corporate leaders from across Europe. It’s big enough that the eccentric Branson was on hand to present the award, and when McGregor got up to the stage they both went skins and did the kind of face off you’d expect for a big pay-per-view fight. Watch:

Of course, we’d all rather McGregor made an appearance in the United States to square off with interim lightweight champ Tony Ferguson or lightweight killer Khabib Nurmagomedov. But for now we’ll just have to accept this as McGregor continues to flaunt his wealth and enjoy the $100+ million he made off the (possibly) record setting Mayweather fight from last August.


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