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Midnight Mania! Frankie Edgar: ‘If he has questions, I have answers. I’m like Jeopardy’

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UFC Fight Night: Moraes v Sterling Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

It’s high noon on the opposite side of the world, so welcome.

High noon is coming between New Jersey’s Frankie Edgar and Hawaii’s Max Holloway, too. Edgar feels that March 3rd in Vegas is his time. The matchup is the second attempt to make the fight, with Max whooping Jose Aldo in lieu of an injured Edgar at UFC 218. Via FloCombat:

“I have so many reasons why I feel like this is meant to be,” Edgar told FloCombat. “I obviously wasn’t thinking that way or being that optimistic when I got my face broken in practice. It felt like the world was crashing in around me, but I’m very happy things all still worked out because it all could have gone a much different way.

”Despite the things that happened everything pretty much stayed on track and I was able to still get this fight. That’s why I feel like it’s already written. I just have to go in there, follow through and make it happen.”

As far as the matchup goes, Edgar says the prospect of fighting Max gets his blood up. No one can ever accuse Edgar of not being as game as they come. Despite Holloway’s two wins over Aldo to Edgar’s two losses, the former lightweight champion is confident.

“Styles definitely make fights and I love this matchup,” Edgar said. “I’m hearing these people on the internet talking and asking how I’m going to beat him when I lost to [Jose] Aldo. MMA math doesn’t always work that way. I’m confident in my skills and I truly believe I’m still improving with each performance. I think that showed in my last fight because that was one of my strongest performances. I’m ready to go out there and have a defining fight with Holloway and he’s the perfect guy for me.

“He’s going to bring it. I’m not going to have to look for him out there and it’s going to be an exciting fight that’s for damn sure.”

True to his nickname, “The Answer”, Edgar is a notoriously difficult opponent no matter who he is placed against. He has only lost to three men in his life, avenged one of those losses, and arguably should have avenged the other. He has never been finished, and like Max, his cardio never fades. He made sure to point out his nickname accurately reflects who he is as a fighter.

“If he has questions he’s coming to the right guy for the answers. I’m like Jeopardy: What is...I’m gonna whoop that ass. That’s the answer he’s coming to find.”

That is a hell of a quote.


Eddie Alvarez got in some absolutely incredible shape ahead of his soul-sapping fight with Justin Gaethje.

Let’s hope this means the UFC is going to Hawaii soon- so many great fighters to showcase.

That’s talent.

I’m a huge fan of this Sunday’s main event between Doo Ho Choi and Jeremy Stephens, because Choi is a baby-faced assassin, and Stephens is a Lil Heathen, but they will both stand in front of each other and attempt to take each other’s heads off.

Never shave. Chuck Liddell shows you why not.

Amanda Nunes is pretty attached to this belt.

Muay Thai fighter John Wayne Parr is doing parenting right... I think.

The UFC throwing their financial weight behind coaching certain fighters could result in some conflicts of interest down the road.

Even old Mike Tyson still had the power.

Gunnar Nelson is out in Iceland just eating sheep’s head and drinking a Coke.

This escalated quickly

Jeff Blatnick, potential originator of the term MMA? I didn’t know that.

Combat sports this weekend:

Quick Hits

Slips. Rips. KO Clips.

Some of these are indeed insane

This whole fight was fantastic. Now that Bobby Green doesn’t stop to explain why he’s not hurt every time someone punches him, he’s infinitely more watchable.

This is why fighters are optimists: because that mental resilience can really pay off big.

The official had no idea they were looking at a choke, until she demonstrated the other girl was out cold on the mat.

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Doo Ho Choi’s slick trip to front headlock, explained by the inimitable Andrews:

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