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Midnight Mania! The Korean Superboy wants Jose Aldo next

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MMA: TUF Finale-Team Choi vs Team Tavares Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

The Korean Superboy, Doo Ho Choi, is looking to return to action against none other than the former featherweight king, Jose Aldo. He said so with the politeness and reserve we have all come to expect from Doo Ho Choi. Via an interview with Jim Edwards through translator at

“I have almost recovered from my injuries and I’m back training. I got a shoulder injury as a result of excessive strength training and I want to apologize firstly to my fans and secondly my opponent, Andre Fili. I think Andre Fili is a great fighter, but I see he has a fight now with another opponent so I’m open to fighting someone else.

There are certainly no shortage of good fights for Choi, whose style is consistently exciting. The next two statements, though, might suffer from some translation error; Choi is being polite, but if given his choice, he would love to fight the former champion.

There are no fighters who I really want to fight, but I want a ranked fighter next. I’m interested in a fight with Jose Aldo and I want to fight him.”

Choi is coming off the fight of the 2016 with Cub Swanson; he lost a decision, but the fight was an all-time classic. Before that, Choi had knocked out his first three UFC opponents in a row.

“I think I’ve got stronger during the time I’ve been out. I’m a different fighter from what I used to be. I had a summer vacation, but I also spent a lot of my time training. It’s just not just physically I’ve improved either. I think I’ve made many mental improvements in regards to my thoughts and direction. I think that I’m not far from the top. I hope to concentrate on my next fight right now. I’ll show my performance soon.”

This might be the best fight for Aldo suggested yet. Choi loves to stand in the pocket; his offensive power will put the defense of the great Aldo to the test; it will also be a good test to see if Aldo still has it in him against one of the young guns of the division.


Normally, this would go down below... but watch the referee after this headbutt double knockout. He doesn’t know what to do.

Not a good look to brag about your health a day before you get pulled from a headlining title fight, Ray Borg.

Edmonton is among the worst commissions ever

Cyborg art

Okay that’s pretty good. Sorry, Johny Hendricks

Slips, Rips, and Knockout Clips

Good morning to you too, Jolassanda, and thanks for this.

That’s a killer knee

What a high kick

Uppercut from the depths of Hades

Some of the most beautiful moments in mixed martial arts are not finishes but scrambles and transitions

This is also exquisite

Great fight, and the rematch is coming

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