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UFC 215 results: Amanda Nunes vs Valentina Shevchenko live stream play-by-play updates

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to the hurt business this weekend with the upcoming UFC 215: "Nunes vs. Shevchenko" pay-per-view (PPV) fight card, which pops off inside Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on Sat., Sept. 9, 2017.

With Ray Borg pulled from the main event after being ruled medically unfit to compete against Demetrious Johnson (full story here), the women’s bantamweight title fight between Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko will take over headlining duties.

All that and so much more. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC 215 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. ET, then the remaining undercard balance on FOX Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET, before the PPV main card start time at 10 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised fisticuffs to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 215) before you split and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Nunes vs. Shevchenko"

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 215 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

Evening, everyone. Braiterman here all evening.


Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko -- Nunes def. Shevchenko via SD (48-47 x2, 47-48)
Rafael dos Anjos vs. Neil Magny — dos Anjos def. Magny via Submission (Arm triangle) 3:43 Rd 1
Henry Cejudo vs. Wilson Reis — Cejudo def. Reis via KO (punches) 0:25 Rd 2
Ilir Latifi vs. Tyson Pedro — Latifi def. Pedro via UD (30-27, 29-28 x2)
Gilbert Melendez vs. Jeremy Stephens — Stephens def. Melendez via UD (30-26 x2, 30-25)
Sara McMann vs. Ketlen Vieira — Vieira def. McMann via Submission (Arm triangle) 4:16 Rd 2
Ashlee Evans-Smith vs. Sarah Moras — Moras def. Smith via Submission (Armbar) 2:51 Rd 1
Rick Glenn vs. Gavin Tucker — Glenn def. Tucker via UD (30-24, 30-25, 29-27)
Alex White vs. Mitch Clarke — White def. Clarke via TKO (strikes) 4:33 Rd 2
Arjan Bhullar vs. Luis Henrique — Bhullar def. Henrique via UD (29-28 x3)
Kajan Johnson vs. Adriano Martins — Johnson def. Martins via KO (punch) 0:49 Rd 3


135 lbs.: UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko

Round 1: Shevchenko in red, Nunes in black. Simultaneous front-leg low kicks to open. Lots of feinting and flicking kicks so far. Nunes is falling short on her strikes so far, but not by much. Halfway through the round, low kick from Nunes. Slow paced fight so far as neither combatant is really pulling the trigger. One minute to go and I don’t think Shevchenko has landed a clean strike yet. Not that Nunes has landed much either, and there’s one. Valentina catches a kick, eats a punch but gets in one as well. Body kick from Shevchenko.

10-9 Nunes

Round 2: As the commentators mention that the pace of the fight favors Nunes and that Shevchenko would need to up the output in order to tire Nunes out, the challenger starts throwing a little more. 20 seconds into the round and she’s landed more this round than all of the previous. Superman punch from “Bullet”. There’s a right hand off a combo as well. They clinch and Shevchenko gets in a right on the break. The action slows as we near the one minute mark. Nunes with a jab, Shevchenko with a left. Superman punch into leg kick for the challenger. Quick one-two as well.

10-9 Shevchenko

Round 3: Interesting that Nunes hasn’t even tried a takedown yet. Valentina is winning the standup so far, getting in and out, landing sporadically and not being there for the power of Nunes. Combo from Shevchenko ending with a leg kick. Nice jab from the champ. She comes close to landing the big right hand. Now she clips her with it. Nunes whiffs on a spinning backfist and eats a punch for her troubles. Now Shevchenko misses one, but escapes danger. High kick gets blocked. Referee McCarthy pauses the fight to warn Nunes about outstretched fingers. Inside low kick from Bullet.


Round 4: Shevchenko with a left hand, Lioness answers back with a low push kick. Shevchenko ducks under a shot and lands a really nice punch, easily the best of the fight so far. Leg kick a few seconds later. Counter left, too, but does eat one in return fire. Left and a knee as well. Low kick for Nunes, but a jab touches her jaw clean. Bullet with a nice leg kick, ducked out of the counter and immediately re-countered. Superman punch from Shevchenko. Nunes with the nice avoidance as Shevchenko fires a 3-piece.

10-9 Shevchenko

Round 5: Both women land hands early. Crowd is a little restless, but none of that is going to change the demeanor of what happens in the cage. Finally a shot from the champ, but Shevchenko stuffs the takedown. Nunes has Bullet backed up to the cage and tries for a double, but bails and starts back standing. Every time they clash standing, Shevchenko gets in a body knee. Until this time when Shevchenko tried a jump knee and whiffed. Shades of Weidman/Rockhold as Nunes has the back of Shevchenko. Shevchenko holds the turtle well and takes no damage. Nunes keeps to her and gets another takedown. She’s on top, not landing much but definitely winning this round.

10-9 Nunes and I have it 48-48

Final result: Amanda Nunes def. Valentina Shevchenko via decision (split) 48-47 x2, 47-48

170 lbs.: Rafael dos Anjos vs. Neil Magny

Round 1: RDA in yellow, Magny in blue. Magny takes center cage for a brief minute. Anjos blasts Magny with a low kick that knocks him off balance. RDA follows him to the ground and is on top in side control. Magny trying to scramble while RDA attempting to maintain the position while sprinkling elbows. Pretty much this position for a good minute and a half. Pass to side and a body knee. Mount. Magny tries to buck a bit but he leaves his left arm up for a second and dos Anjos jumps into an arm triangle. It’s looking tight, and RDA adjusts some more to get the tap.

Final result: Rafael dos Anjos defeats Neil Magny via submission (Arm triangle) at 3:43 of Round 1

125 lbs.: Henry Cejudo vs. Wilson Reis

Round 1: Cejudo in black, Reis in grey. Counter right from Henry. Right to the body with the next one. Cejudo’s right hand has been landing nearly all of the time. Reis gets in a couple of lefts. Cejudo times a nice knee as Reis came forward low. Front headlock from Cejudo. He floats over to get a body lock. Reis rolls and uses that space to stand up. Another right hand as Jon Anik tells us that Cejudo’s landed 29 significant strikes already. Reis with a single, but that’s gonna be hard to get on the Olympic gold medalist. Left drops Reis as he comes forward. He’s back up and they clinch. Cejudo with a body knee. Cejudo with the ankle pick and ends the round on top.

10-9 Cejudo

Round 2: Reis with a right hook. Big right hand melts Reis and Cejudo pounces! Five or six ground shots later and the ref jumps in to end the fight.

Final result: Henry Cejudo def. Wilson Reis via KO (punches) at 0:25 of Round 2

205 lbs.: Ilir Latifi vs. Tyson Pedro

Round 1: Lat Dog in grey, Pedro in black. Low kick from Pedro that Latifi tries to catch, but can’t. History repeats itself, but this time they fall into a short clinch that ends with some body shots from both men. Latifi finally catches the kick and runs it into a single. Latifi on top in north-south. He’s not really doing anything and Pedro takes a moment to spin and stand. Pedro with more kicks, nearly caught again. The second one looks like it hit Latifi right in the gut and he’s a bit winded. Pedro faked low and went high, however Latifi was coming forward and got the takedown without eating a heavy kick. Latifi in side control. Pedro spinning to north-south again and uses it to spin and stand again. Latifi backs Pedro to the cage and trying to get a single. Latifi can’t get it, but hits a left hand.

10-9 Pedro in a really close round

Round 2: Slow start to the round before Latifi bulls forward with a couple of nice punches. 3-2 body kick from Pedro. Heavy leg kick from Ilir to try and get that one back. Left from Latifi, right from Pedro. Lat Dog is getting tired of the chin checks and bulls Pedro back to the links. He gets his hands clasped and in a burst, has Pedro up over his head and slammed down. Pedro tries for a triangle briefly, but he can’t get it. He gets his back to the cage, and gets up, but Latifi wears on him with lefts as Pedro comes up. One minute to go. Clinch and Pedro is using elbows to fend Latifi off. Pedro sneaks his forearm across the throat to get some space, but can’t get Latifi out of him. Two good left hands from Latifi.

10-9 Latifi

Round 3: Calf kick from Pedro, but Latifi bites down on his mouthpiece and fires off a 1-2. Overhand from Latifi. Another low kick and another left counter. Right from Pedro. One from Latifi, followed by an uppercut and a left. It’s like a broken record here, low kick, counter right. Latifi bulls to a double leg and is on top in full guard. He’s keeping top control and getting in a few strikes here and there to stay active.

10-9 Latifi

Final result: Ilir Latifi def. Tyson Pedro via decision (unanimous) 29-28 x2, 30-27

145 lbs.: Gilbert Melendez vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1: Gil in grey, “Lil Heathen” in black. Stephens gets a right hand in to counter a swing from Melendez. Melendez with a jab. Slapping low kick from Stephens. Another one and it stumbles Gil. He throws one back to try and even the score. Right and a left from Melendez. Shovel hook and another low kick from Stephens. Solid right from Gil spins his head around. Another low kick and Melendez is hurt. He backs off and then falls to the ground. Stephens backs up and has him climb to his feet. Melendez comes forward and eats a punch, but starts punching hard and tags Stephens. Gil has a bad hematoma. Another low kick and Melendez crumples again. This time, Stephens follows him down and gets in some ground and pound.

10-9 Stephens

Round 2: Doc comes in to look at Gil, but all he really does is ask him if he’s ok without looking at the leg. Melendez pressing forward because he has to. He tags Stephens a couple times, and has finally switched to southpaw. Stephens with the uppercut. Another good one and Stephens attacking the other leg. Jab from Gilbert. Again as Stephens tried for a spinning backfist. I have no idea what the ref called timeout for, but that lasted all of two seconds. Stephens nails that bad left leg of Melendez and he drops again. Head kick from Stephens. Right hand. 4-piece from Stephens and at least 3 of that landed. Uppercut again, too. The uppercut again and the kick takes the base out from under Melendez. Stephens with a couple shots as the bell rings.

10-9 Stephens

Round 3: Body right from Stephens as Melendez walks forward again. There’s a right, too. Stephens with a slick punch to the head, body punch and body kick combo. Melendez gets in a left and a right. Heavy leg kick to the right leg of Melendez. Stephens with a great job of mixing quick, hard jabs with power punches. Gil has shown a lot of heart here, but his mobility is shot. There’s another leg kick and Melendez gets up with a backwards somersault to the cheers of the crowd and the respect of Stephens. Heathen is landing nearly at will here. Not quite as much of the insane power punches he likes, but a really great mix of precision, power, high, low and kicks. Down goes Melendez again from another leg kick. Up, and kicked down again. As the round is almost over, Stephens follows him down. The round ends with Stephens punching a broken Gilbert Melendez.

10-8 Stephens

Final result: Jeremy Stephens defeats Gilbert Melendez via decision (unanimous) 30-26 x2, 30-25

135 lbs.: Sara McMann vs. Ketlen Vieira

Round 1: Vieira in yellow, McMann in black. Double right from McMann. She punches into a clinch and muscles Vieira into the fence. McMann doesn’t get a takedown out of it for a minute, but the second bit of chain wrestling gets it. Mean elbow from McMann. Vieira looking for room, but McMann shuts it down and bashes the Brazilian’s face again. Another mashing of ulna bone into jaw. Vieira trying for a different look getting the legs around the neck, but can’t get out from underneath the former Olympian. Sara passes to half. In cue as Rogan mentions it, she gets into mount. Ground and pound from mount here, but it’s all arm. Vieira gets her legs into play and creates a scramble by going for a heel hook. Now a kneebar attempt, but McMann’s knee is past the groin of Vieira, so she’s probably safe here. The round ends with Vieira hammerfisting McMann.

10-9 McMann

Round 2: McMann tries to punch into a clinch, but missed and they reset. Leg kick from McMann. The American shoots a double, switches to a single, back to a double. Nothing in there. Clinch here as both jockey for position. McMann with a knee and now two elbows. Knee to the thigh. Just as the ref was about to break them up, Vieira spins and trips Sara down. Quarter guard from McMann, but she’s also got a grapevine on the right leg of Vieira to lock her down. Half guard. Sara working to avoid any strikes from Ketlen. All of a sudden, Vieira gets McMann in an arm triangle. McMann tries to get the fence in between, but Vieira has it locked in tight, despite being on the wrong side and she gets the tap!

Final result: Ketlen Vieira def. Sara McMann via submission (arm triangle) at 4:16 of Round 2

135 lbs.: Ashlee Evans-Smith vs. Sarah Moras

Round 1: Moras in red for the home crowd, Smith in blue. Epic battle of red vs blue here. Smith gets in a right to start the contest. They clinch. Moras tried for a German suplex, but Smith just fell directly on top of her. Moras with a decent work on her back to get into full guard. Smith postures, then gets back down into guard. Moras going for an armbar, but AES defending well so far. Halfway through the round. They scramble and Moras re-positions off the cage and suddenly gets the submission as Smith taps!

Final result: Sarah Moras def. Ashlee Evans-Smith via submission (Armbar) at 2:51 of Round 1

145 lbs.: Rick Glenn vs. Gavin Tucker

Round 1: Glenn in black, Tucker in red. “Guv’nor” Tucker comes out quick and hard, but the pace slows to normal soon. Nice leg kick for Tucker. Glenn with a left, Tucker with two nice rights. Left as well. They clinch before Glenn manages to switch the hooks and get separation. Tucker with a combo. Cup kick on Tucker’s bits, but he’s alright and they continue after a couple second break. They both throw hard. Crisp left from Glenn and Tucker drops. That caught him right on the temple. Tucker seems to be alright and he’s back up. Glenn keeping the pace on Tucker. There’s a knee as Tucker ducks down.

10-9 Glenn

Round 2: Glenn with a step-in high kick. Tucker seems to be mad at that and is firing back. Glenn weathers that brief storm. They get their legs tangled and Tucker puts him on his back. Tucker goes for a leg, but he can’t get it and eats punches in bunches the whole while. Glenn is still on Tucker and he’s touching him in the clinch. Elbow and a knee from Tucker. Tucker with a level change, but can’t get the takedown. Glenn with a takedown of his own and getting in a couple punches as Tucker comes up. A big knee. Glenn with another takedown and more punches. Tucker tries for an inside heel hook, but Glenn defends and keeps beating on Tucker. Body, head, everything. The round ends with Glenn on top raining down elbows.

10-8 Glenn

Round 3: Tucker tries and misses a spinning backfist. Glenn muscles into a clinch where he’s had great success. Knee. Elbow. Another elbow on the break. Glenn can’t get a takedown, but he stuffs Tucker when he tries one of his own and lands on top of him. Half guard for the Alpha Male product and Glenn is rocking elbows. Tucker creates a scramble and gets on top for a little, but Glenn uses a heel hook threat of his own to make a new scramble and get back on top. Glenn is looking like a machine here. Punch, punch, punch, elbow, elbow, repeat. Tucker is just getting ground into paste here. The ref could easily stop this, as Tucker has eaten something like 80 unanswered strikes here. I can’t believe the ref didn’t stop this fight, but we go to the scorecards in an absolute whitewash.

10-7 Glenn

Final result: Rick Glenn defeats Gavin Tucker via decision (unanimous) 30-25, 30-24, 29-27

155 lbs.: Alex White vs. Mitch Clarke

Round 1: Clarke in the home red, White in black. He should be wearing white, but whatever. White answers a high kick a counter punch. White with two lead right hands. They clinch and both land solid while moving throughout the cage. Body shot from White and a right hand from Clarke as they exit. Leg kick from Clarke. Left hand gets in for Alex. White’s been looking for - and landing - a counter right on nearly every exchange. Gets one as they break another clinch. One from Clarke, too. Another clinch and Clarke gets double underhooks, but still can’t get White down.

10-9 White

Round 2: White continues throwing a counter right on nearly every movement from Clarke. Kick from the Canadian. They clinch. Oh, jeez, Clarke is eating a series of elbows. He’s desperately hanging onto underhooks, but every step is punctuated by a big strike landed for White. Knee to the body crumples Clarke and White backs up to let him up. Accurate punches as Clarke is slowing down and his answer to nearly all the punches is to bite down on his mouthpiece and come forward some more. Push kick stumbles Clarke and White tags him a bunch again on the way up. He backs off again to allow Clarke to stand. The end looks nigh, as Clarke is absorbing nearly everything White is throwing with increasing trouble. He’s down again and one big ground punch gets the ref to stop the fight.

Final result: Alex White def. Mitch Clarke via TKO (strikes) at 4:33 of Round 2

265 lbs.: Arjan Bhullar vs. Luis Henrique

Round 1: Bhullar repping the flag of India, which is a first for the UFC, I believe. He’s in white, and Henrique is in black. Bhullar immediately goes on the front foot, but not throwing anything. Not much from Henrique, either. There they go, as they both sit in the pocket for a bit and both land some heavy leather. Henrique is keeping Bhullar at bay with a nice jab each time that Arjan steps in. Bhullar gets one back, and then gets in looping right. Uppercut from Henrique. Bhullar with the takedown attempt, can’t get it, though. Bhullar clips Henrique a bit, and shucks off the Brazilian’s takedown attempt. Luis is bleeding a bit from that punch it looks like. Bhullar has a good clinch up against the cage and gets in some dirty boxing.

10-9 Bhullar in a close round.

Round 2: Henrique takes center cage this time and tries for a couple of power punches that hit air and arm. There’s a nice right hand from Bhullar. Two good jabs back from Henrique and that moves the Indian in reverse. They throw heavy, but nothing lands solid. There’s an overhand right clean and that drops Henrique. Henrique scrambles up but is backed to the fence. Bhullar drops for a double and gets a big slam. Bhullar on top with some nice GNP. We can hear Bhullar’s corner calling for him to crossface Henrique and elbow - and he does just that. The round ends with Bhullar on top - not doing much, but in control. After the bell, Henrique complains about a poke to his eye.

10-9 Bhullar

Round 3: Henrique again starts the round as the aggressor. He’s throwing big, not landing much. Gets in a right and a couple of good kicks. I was about to type exactly what commentator Daniel Cormier said before I could put fingers to keyboard - Henrique is doing well here, knowing he’s probably down on the judges scorecard and may need a finish to win. Thudding leg kick from Henrique. Rights from both men. Bhullar shoves him back into the cage and tries a bit for a takedown before abandoning it for the clinch and some dirty boxing. Nice burst and an escape from Henrique. Good jab lands for Luis Henrique. Rights from both men in the clinch. Low leg kick from Henrique. More clinch and punch from both men. Only thirty seconds and Henrique is trying for the homerun here. Right hand from Bhullar at the end.

10-9 Henrique

Final result: Arjan Bhullar def. Luis Henrique via decision (unanimous) 29-28 x3

155 lbs.: Kajan Johnson vs. Adriano Martins

Round 1: The hometown Johnson in grey, Martins in black. Oblique kick from Johnson to open the action. Teep from him, answered by a leg kick from the Brazilian. Two minutes in and really nothing has happened yet. Martins with an inside leg kick. Johnson with an outside one. One more minute of mostly dancing and the crowd is restless. Side kick to the body lands for Kajan. Martins finally throws a combo, landing a nice left. Johnson tries a knee and eats a big left near the buzzer. Fifteen seconds left and Martins is trying to get a guillotine on him. Not enough time left

10-9 Martins

Round 2: Front kick to the body connects for Johnson. A right hand, too. Johnson misses on a high kick and Martins smashes him with a right for his troubles. Clipping left for Martins. Nice kick to the calf of Martins. Big lull in the middle of this round. Just under a minute left and Johnson gets in a left. Martins tries to taunt Johnson to stand and bang. Right hand from Martins and a big one from Johnson in return. Martins gets in a jumping high kick right near the end of the round.

10-10 in my opinion. Johnson was good on the back foot, but lost points for the timidity.

Round 3: Johnson hits his jab-like side kick to the body again. WHOA! Martins ducked into a right hand and got absolutely lamped. Right behind the ear and he dropped like a log.

Final result: Kajan Johnson defeats Adriano Martins via KO (punch) at 0:49 of Round 3

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