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Chuck Liddell calls Chael Sonnen the perfect warm up fight

For someone who’s retired, Chuck sure seems to be calling out Chael a lot.

Super Bowl XLV Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Chuck Liddell continues to tease a comeback to MMA.

The 47 year old impressed a lot of people back in May when he shared a photo of himself in fantastic shape, a slight departure from the days near the end of his UFC career where he was lugging around a bit of a belly. The pictures spurred some talk amongst fans of a comeback, and it seems like that talk has led to Liddell considering a return himself.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion has said he's open to a return if the money and opponents are right, and while he hasn't mentioned who he'd consider the perfect opponent to make a mark in this modern era, he has been throwing around an idea for a decent warm up fight: Chael Sonnen.

"You know, people take things out of context, but I'm never going to say 100% no," Liddell told a TMZ Sports reporter. "Chael's an easy fight. If I was gonna come back, it's a good one. It's a good warm-up fight. He's got a big mouth but not much behind it. I think that's why he developed that WWE style."

This mirrors a conversation he had on The MMA Hour last week which sounded a lot like a virtual call out of Chael.

Most likely, this is all testing the waters to see how people react to the idea of "The Iceman" returning to fight. The last thing he wants is to step back into the cage to universal disdain and a whole bunch of discussion about faded talent and ability. But if enough fans and media get behind it (the same way they got behind Mayweather vs. McGregor) maybe he'll push forward.

So what do you think, Maniacs? Chuck Liddell coming back: good idea or gross idea?

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