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Georges St-Pierre: If I don’t finish Michael Bisping, I’ll probably lose a decision at UFC 217

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

After more than three years away from the fight game, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will step foot inside the Octagon to face Middleweight champion Michael Bisping at UFC 217 on Nov. 4, 2017 in New York.

It will be quite a different feeling for “Rush,” however, as he will be fighting at 185 pounds for the first time in his career, and he’ll be doing it as the challenger, not the champion. That’s why the French-Canadian says he has to be more aggressive this time around and go for the finish, as going the distance against the champion is never a good thing.

Especially in a close fight.

“I’m the challenger. I’m not the champion this time,” St-Pierre told Sports Illustrated (via Daily Star). “So I have to take the fight to him. I have to expect that if I’m going to a decision, and the fight is close, it’s not going to go my way. So I’m going to go there, and I’m going to put everything I have to finish him, fight like there’s no tomorrow.”

Many have criticized both St-Pierre and Bisping for agreeing to the fight, especially former division champion Luke Rockhold.

But all of the chatter doesn’t bother St-Pierre, who says he will be cherishing the moment of his comeback after an extended hiatus from the sport that earned him millions and made him a household name in the process.

“We’re not desperate. I’m happy. I feel very blessed and fortunate to be in this position, and it’s a moment that a few people in the world are able to live. And I’m going to live that unique moment, and I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

And it behooves him to do so, as it could very well be the last time we see the all-time great compete in mixed martial arts (MMA).

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