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Pic: Floyd Mayweather just hung a giant painting of Conor McGregor inside his Beverly Hills mansion

Undefeated boxing icon and part-time troll Floyd Mayweather Jr. is redecorating his Beverly Hills mansion, and like most rich people, is splattering his walls with fancy artwork so his equally pretentious guests can arrive and say “ooh” and “ahh” while marveling at his taste in home decor.

Or laugh when they get the inside joke.

Mayweather is proudly displaying a painting of himself (surprise, surprise) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Conor McGregor, who tried (and failed) to unseat the king of the “sweet science” in last month’s pay-per-view (PPV) spectacle.

The debate rages on social media as to whether or not this a legitimate homage to the fighter who helped Mayweather score yet another monstrous payday, or simply another “Money” troll job after stopping “Notorious” by way of technical knockout.

McGregor is expected to return to mixed martial arts (MMA) later this year while Mayweather is likely to stay retired and move on to this.

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