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Combate Americas announces one-night, eight-man 'Copa Combate' tournament for $100,000 on Nov. 11

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Combate Americas

Combate Americas is taking it back to the old school.

The Hispanic-based mixed martial arts (MMA) organization recently unveiled plans to host a one-night, eight-man tournament set to go down on Sat., Nov. 11, 2017 in Cancun, Mexico, dubbed "Copa Combate."

The winner will have to win three fights in one night in order to take home the $100,000 grand prize.

“We are excited to unveil the first ‘COPA COMBATE’ tournament ever, and to revitalize and deliver to fans one of the most compelling and athletically challenging formats for a live fight show,” said Campbell McLaren, CEO of Combate Americas.

No stranger to the format, McLaren hopes to replicate the success the one-night tournaments enjoyed in the early days of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) when he was in charge.

“When I launched the UFC 24 years ago, we changed the world and, on November 11, we are going to do so again with a dynamic tournament that assembles a collection of fighters that most deserve to represent their respective countries,” continued McLaren. “These fighters will put their national pride on the line with a substantial payoff.”

Interestingly enough, the event will take place on the 24th anniversary of UFC 1.

The tournamet will feature bantamweight fighters, and the names of the participants will be shared in the coming weeks. According to the press release, "the eight competitors will be separated into four tournament brackets, with the top four fighters given seeded positions based on their worldwide rankings. Quarterfinal stage opponents for the four fighters will be determined based on a lottery ball drawing."

Furthermore, each fighter will be representing his home country, making it a true international affair.

Keep it tuned to as more details emerge on Copa Combate in the days and weeks to come.