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‘Immortal’ no more? Matt Brown announces his plan to retire after next fight

Matt Brown

While they may not have the star power and draw of a Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey, the UFC is stacked with hard working gun slinging badasses who often don't get the appreciation they deserve until they're gone. Well, maybe this announcement from "The Immortal" Matt Brown will wake us up and make sure we enjoy what he says will be his last fight at UFC Fight Night 120 on November 11th against Diego Sanchez.

"11/11 will be my retirement fight," Brown wrote in a social media post. "Thanks for enjoying the ride with me this will be an amazing show me and Diego will put on a show for all of you."

No explanation has been given for Brown's decision, but a three fight losing skid did prompt him to question earlier this year whether he’d peaked. He's had a fighting career that's spanned back to 2004 and has amassed a 20-16 record, many of them brutal knock down drag out wars. If this truly is his last MMA fight, we have to salute him for all the years of entertaining fights.

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