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Rockhold on Bisping: ‘He’s run from the start and he’ll run to the finish’

Luke Rockhold doesn’t mince words over his feelings towards Michael Bisping in a UFC Tonight interview.

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Luke Rockhold continues to hold onto the hope that maybe, just maybe, Georges St-Pierre will fall out of his fight with Michael Bisping in November so he can step in to fight Michael Bisping. Not a completely impossible scenario, given GSP's iffy knee ligaments. But still not exactly likely. He called on GSP to pull out of the fight after finishing David Branch last weekend, and now here he is doing it again on UFC Tonight.

"You know what I want," he said. "I want GSP to get lost on his way down to Madison Square Garden and I stroll right in and finish that story. So obviously that would be an ideal situation for me, we'll see if the man is up to the task of Madison Square Garden."

And if that doesn't happen, what's his backup plan?

"That would be Robert Whittaker. That'd be the real champion, the man that fights the guys. We'll see what his timetable is, of course. Obviously, our third option is Yoel Romero."

Unfortunately Whittaker is probably not a real possibility either, as he's been promised the winner of Bisping vs. GSP. But maybe it will happen if Bisping decides to retire after the St-Pierre fight, something he's been talking about a lot lately.

Rockhold didn't seem bothered by the possibility of Bisping ducking out of the sport before the two fight again. It actually sounds like that's what he's expecting the Brit to do.

"No one has ever gotten that treatment, no one has ever avoided every top contender," Luke said. "He was supposed to fight Jacare, he avoided that. He was supposed to fight Yoel, he avoided that. And somehow he's getting away from this fight with Whittaker. He fought Dan Henderson, the #14 ranked at the time. And now he's going for GSP. He hasn't done anything. I fought a guy that was four spots higher than the last one he fought in his title defense."

"I'm gonna put myself in a position where he's gonna have a choice: either he stands and fights like a man, or he runs. And we all know what he's doing. He's run from the start and looks like he'll run to the finish."

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