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Midnight Mania! Is sucker-punching Nazis ethical?

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

This video making the rounds shows a man with a Nazi armband attempting to say something about someone deserving welfare. Next thing he knows, a fist hits his head and his head hits the floor.

Punching Nazis is as American as apple pie. So is free speech. How do we reconcile the two?

I’ll admit, I’m usually all for punching Nazis, but I’ll also admit this makes me uncomfortable. A dude is attempting to talk, and his talk is met with physical violence. Moreover, its not like he got back up just fine. The man was slept. He was out cold. In all seriousness, he probably is concussed and, worst case scenario, someone could die from head trauma like that.

On the other hand, what he is saying isn’t just talk. The viewpoint of Nazism is inherently violent; Nazism, and white supremacy more broadly, espouse violence along racial lines by an agent of the state. Sporting a Swastika armband, harassing black people, and spewing a doctrine of genocidal violence (in case anyone forgot the Holocaust) without facing some visceral violence in return, is probably also not an America I want to live in. In other words, people have gotten sucker punched for a lot less.

Captain America would be proud.


This is great self-awareness by Rockhold

I’m just here for the mitt work

Please visit Shogun’s Facebook page for the official explanation. Or just click here.

Lutar tem sido a minha vida há mais de 15 anos. É o que eu escolhi pra mim e o que amo fazer. Pra mim é muito difícil ter que sair de uma luta, muito mesmo, e aceitar que isso era a única alternativa viável não foi nada fácil. Infelizmente, ainda no começo desse Camp, machuquei meu joelho. Passei todo meu Camp fazendo tudo que estava ao meu alcance pra poder lutar no dia 23 de Setembro (22 no Brasil), e treinei o tempo todo na base de remédios, proteção no joelho, gelo e fisioterapia. Fui além do limite porque voltar a lutar no Japão é algo que eu sonhava há muito tempo, porque não queria decepcionar os fãs, e porque fui criado assim nas artes marciais pelo meu mestre. Já subi pra lutar lesionado diversas vezes na carreira, e não faltou esforço e tentativa. Mas Infelizmente todo o esforço só acabou por agravar as lesões, e chegou um momento em que a minha equipe e eu tivemos que aceitar que não haviam mais alternativas, e tive que sair da luta. Não foi fácil. Quero pedir desculpas ao meu adversário, já estive na mesma situação inclusive quando nos enfrentamos a primeira vez, e sei que nunca é fácil, e principalmente pedir desculpas ao público, especialmente a todos aqueles que estavam ansiosos aguardando essa luta. Vou cuidar da minha recuperação agora, curar minhas lesões e voltar mais forte. Os desafios são colocados na nossa frente todos os dias, e o que realmente importa é como a gente os enfrenta. Obrigado pelo carinho de todos. Fighting has been my life for more than 15 years. It's what I have chosen for myself, and what I love to do. For me it's really hard to have to step out of a fight, really difficult, and to accept that this was the only viable alternative wasn't easy at all. Unfortunately, still early in this camp, I injured my knee. I spent all Camp doing all within my reach to be able to fight on September 23rd, trained the whole time under medication, protection in my knee, ice and physical therapy. I went beyond my limit because fighting in Japan again is something I have been dreaming about for a long time... (Due to Instagram limitations, please visit my official Facebook page for the full English translation)

A post shared by Shogun Rua (@shogunoficial) on

Can’t wait to see the fictional Russian Zabit Magomedsharipov back in action.

Train up a child in the ways he should throw, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Valentina Shevchenko is soothing her anger with a trip to the London Bridge? Must be nice.

The ridicule and stench of corruption over the Canelo-GGG decision had an effect: Adelaide Byrd is (probably) taking a break from judging. Its about time.

Honestly, hearing that would have been better than this.

I mean, come on. He taught her to throw hands like this.

Ronda Rousey three years ago was so confident; for some reason Edmond is still living this fantasy.

This is called “spinning a narrative” and it’s what Conor McGregor is best at.

Along with product promotion (Conor McGregor Jr. is growing up in a real-life version of The Truman Show)

Thank you @stefanogabbana and @dolcegabbana for my matching baby and daddy shoes!

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That’s accurate.

It says more about Chiesa than Rockhold, that Chiesa thinks the killer top-position grappling game of Rockhold, clinch work, very limited boxing and some nice kicks make the most well-rounded skillset in the game.

Nunes got a reply from Alex Morgan herself.

This is a great photograph

That’s not a real quote

Quick Hits

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Fantastic comeback aside, I think the referee stopped this a little quickly, considering how long he let Wood take shots. Maybe he was primed to consider a stoppage even though it was the opposite person who was hurt at first.

Nice armbar

At this point I’ve seen enough Takeru finishes to be a fan. He’s awesome, and this fight is batshit crazy.

There has always been a lot of action at these events

Great wars are only possible because of great chins

Canelo has an iron chin too.

Egregious reffing

The problem with rings

This throw is absolutely incredible. If you think Sumo is just fat men pushing each other around, watch this. His butt nearly hits the ground before he somehow throws the opponent over him.

Podcasts and Video

The MMA Hour

The Severe MMA podcast lads got a new logo and it is savage. Looks like they are trying to become the podcast of the proletariat.

Random Land

Watch an 80-year-old pilot crash his plane into a tree and survive unscathed.

These two sentences read like an answer and the question in reverse order.

The 80-year-old pilot, Manfred Forst, survived with only minor injuries.

Federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash.

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