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Midnight Mania! Boxer’s kid punches opponent in the dick at weigh-ins

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Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight ...

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Kids are dicks sometimes. In particular, this kid, who punched his dad’s opponent, Willie Monroe Jr., in the dick at weigh ins. Stevie Saunders is apparently seven years old.

His dad, Billy Joe Saunders, had an excuse for his child’s “self defense.”

That’s ... not a great excuse. He patted him on the head. Not a reason for a dick punch. At least the dads are going to fight tomorrow night. Saunders, the kid’s dad, is defending his WBO middleweight championship for the second time.


It is exhausting having to be a salesman all the time, which may explain why Dana White, whose job as a promoter is to sell fights around the year, got real honest for this ticket sale announcement.

Conor McGregor likes the blacklights as well as the limelight.

Gotta admit, I chuckled on the inside.

Werdum called Daniel Cormier “Maricon”, or “faggot” on Instagram, under Cormier’s post about laying off Jon Jones.

Lomachenko-Rigondeaux is going to be awesome. What a year for boxing.

Slips, Rips, and Insane Clips

First, start this clip. Then, watch the weekend’s first fruits of violence to some Good Vibrations

It’s the perfect soundtrack to some head-smashing violence.

Many imitations, one original.

Body knees don’t cause as many KOs as they should, given how painful they can be.

This spinning backfist is downright lyrical.

Sweet sensation!

Such a good vibration ...

This is absolutely ridiculous.

This SHOULD make you feel a little sick.

Wanna know how to get a highlight you made featured on Midnight Mania? It’s just about this simple.

That’s an incredible last-ditch sweep!

I think they call that “sonning” him.

What a duck-under ...

Quick Hits

Random Land

That feeling when ...

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