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Urijah Faber defends comments ‘drunk’ Snoop Dogg made about Mayweather vs. McGregor

MERRY JANE kicks off Loud & Clear campaign with DJ Snoopadelic (aka Snoop Dogg) at Los Angeles dinner event held at the private residence of Jonas Tahlin, CEO Absolut Elyx Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Absolut Elyx

Combat fight fans were thrown for a surprising loop a few months back when UFC announced rapper Snoop Dogg would join former bantamweight superstar Urijah Faber in the booth to call “Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series.” Snoop Dogg had never done play-by-play before and knew little about the intricacies of mixed martial arts (MMA), so it was going to be a work in progress.

According to “The California Kid,” the weed-smoking rapper exceeded all expectations.

“Man, I thought [Snoop Dogg] did amazing,” Faber said during a recent interview with Submission Radio. “The funny thing is, you know, what you get with Snoop is just a guy that’s being extremely real and passionate. It was cool. It was just a different type of eyeball on the fights. He’s a guy that’s just saying exactly what he sees. If a guy is laying on his back, he’s not thinking, ‘oh, is he going to go for a knee bar?,’ he’s thinking, ‘why is the guy laying on his back?’”

While the prolific hip-hop artist did fairly well on the mic alongside Faber, he made alarming comments outside of the booth following UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor’s loss to undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. last month. Snoop Dogg blasted McGregor in a vulgar outburst caught on camera and provided further fuel for MMA fighters to dislike his view on the sport.

“He has a good knowledge of the sport from a spectator level, but it was fun to kind of teach him and just realize that like, this is just purely watching a fight with Snoop Dogg, not him having to be biased, not him having to do this – even I made a joke that he was gonna be banned from the first fight after the Conor McGregor fight because I think he was probably drunk and had said some stuff that pissed a bunch of people off, but, I mean, the guy’s just real, so I can appreciate that and I had a lot of fun,” Faber explained. “The way he treated me and other people was pretty great, he was a gentleman and as real as it gets.”

Even if Snoop Dogg handled himself with class inside of the booth, he may need to check himself outside of it if he desires to work with UFC again. Trashing McGregor isn’t off limits, but the fashion in which the Doggfather did it in most certainly is, especially for a guy who was hired to call fights.

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