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Georges St-Pierre is an inflated, weak lightweight who will get crushed by Michael Bisping

Marvel's 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Premiere - Red Carpet Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney

Maybe we should change Michael Bisping’s nickname from “The Count” to “The Crusher.”

Especially if the reigning 185-pound champion can steamroll former 170-pound kingpin Georges St-Pierre, who is really nothing more than a puffed-up lightweight trying to play middleweight.

That’s according to former division titleholder Luke Rockhold.

“I think Bisping wins the fight,” Rockhold told UFC Tonight. “I think GSP is an inflated 155 pounder. He has no business being in the division. He’s small and weak and I think he’s going to get crushed. I think he needs to get the hell out.”

Like Blissey with a French-Canadian accent.

Rockhold -- finished by Bisping in June 2016 — can try to weasel his way back into a title shot by turning away David Branch this weekend in Pittsburgh, though he won't know the result of Crusher’s fight until Nov. 4, when “Rush” makes his comeback in the main event of UFC 217.

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