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Midnight Mania! Tyron Woodley has partial labrum tear, plans to take time off

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UFC 214 Tyron Woodley vs. Demian Maia Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Tyron Woodley announced today on Sirius XM that he partially tore the labrum of his left shoulder. He also tore it a long time ago, but didn’t have insurance, so he wasn’t able to take care of it properly at that time. (looking at your bill, Bernie Sanders)

Now that there isn’t a clear-cut number one contender, he says he is going to take time off to try to get it rehabilitated.

Obviously, if I can avoid going under the knife, I obviously want to try to do that. So that’s my option right now. I tore my left labrum in 2008. At that time, I wasn’t really financially set up to go out and get PRP and stem cell, and I didn’t have insurance at that time, so my options were really limited. I had to wait like two or three years to get it done because I didn’t have insurance. Long story short, it’s gonna be a minute before I’m out in the Octagon, which almost works to the division’s credit because the deck needs to be shuffled a little bit more. There’s no real and true clear-cut number one contender right now, and once these fights take place and these guys get out there and compete, doing a training camp and fight, the world champ will just be getting back in the mix. So it’s perfect timing.

He wants to avoid surgery, if possible. When Cody Garbrandt needed work done on his back recently, the UFC sent him to Germany to work with top specialists. Woodley said the UFC called him today as well. He also opened up on the current status with volatile UFC president Dana White, who heavily criticized his last performance. In response, Woodley promised to reveal some dirt he had on Dana White unless he got an apology. Woodley says they’ve worked through that.

As the young kids say, we’re Gucci right now.

You can hear the interview below:


I’m not that into the main event, but I’ll watch this whole card with pleasure.

This is actually a pretty deep card as well. Its just light on name value at the top, but it will be fun to watch.

When it rains it pours baby #pain #blood #bone #ouch

Ripped the tip of my finger off today f*** when it rains it pours baby #pain #blood #bone #ouch

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Maybe I should have warned you about that one.

According to his trainer, Gennady Golovkin was running in California when he came across a brown bear. Wisely, the bear decided not to mess with Golovkin. At least, that’s how his trainer told it.

Everyone who saw the headline had one question:

Canelo looking ready for the Russian bear-killer.

Bisping turning up the trash talk on George St. Pierre. What’s up with GSP and pre-fight altercations in elevator lobbies anyway?

Bye George

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Would I ever love to see those sparring sessions

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Ronda Rousey, painful acting notwithstanding, has a future in the WWE.

Keep Tony Ferguson Weird should be a T-shirt, right?

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Anyone else stoked to hear about Joanna Violence vs. Thug Rose?

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