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Jon Jones' B sample from UFC 214 is back and it's positive for steroids too

Things aren’t looking good for Jon Jones following his second USADA drug violation in just over a year.

Interim UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Press Conference Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Things are not looking very good for Jon Jones right now.

The embattled soon-to-be former UFC light heavyweight champ's victory lap following UFC 214 was cut short after USADA revealed a urine test taken before his fight with Daniel Cormier had come back positive for turinabol metabolites. And now the B sample results are back from the lab, and they're showing the same illegal substance.

"Mr. Jones' B sample has confirmed the A sample findings," a USADA spokesperson told ESPN. "Importantly - as previously stated - due process should occur before drawing any conclusions about this matter."

That due process will probably involve a months-long arbitration process, something Jones is intimately familiar with following another drug failure last July. That stemmed from what the UFC great and his team described as 'tainted dick pills.' Even if Jon is able to present a supplement or something else that caused the positive turinabol, they may not get much sympathy from USADA, who said Jon's "degree of fault in fact verged on the reckless" in his last case.

There are still more questions than answers regarding this latest positive test for turinabol, but the B sample makes it clear that this was not lab error or a false positive. But Jon's team is still pointing towards several random drug tests administered to Jones during the lead up to UFC 214 that the fighter did pass. It was only the fight night urine test that Jones failed. Why, his manager has asked, would he pass the surprise tests only to blow the one test that every fighter knows is going to be administered on fight night?

But questions aren't going to save Jones from a potential four year suspension from USADA, or whatever the California State Athletic commission might deal out. Both organizations will make a ruling on the matter, and whatever the longest suspension is will be what Jon will serve.

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