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Mickey Gall vs. Randy Brown added to UFC 217

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After smashing a couple of overhyped chumps, Gall is taking a step up in competition for his next fight.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Northcutt vs Gall Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Mickey Gall has established himself as something of a prospect killer, depending on whether you ever really believed Sage Northcutt and CM Punk were actual legit prospects. Either way, he strangled both Northcutt and Punk with ease, killing their hype dead.

Now he's set to take a step up in competition with his next opponent, fellow ‘Dana White's Lookin' For A Fight’ recruit Randy Brown. The two will throw down at the massive UFC 217 show being held in Madison Square Garden on November 4th.

While Brown hasn't generated the headlines Gall has, he actually has way more experience. He's a former Ring of Combat champ with a 9-2 record and is already five fights into his UFC career. Gall's only pro fight before being signed to the UFC was his Lookin' For A Fight match where he called out CM Punk. But he is 4-0 with all four wins coming via rear naked choke.

Brown will be a stiff challenge for Gall, and an opportunity for Mickey to show people he's not just a hype killer but someone who deserves some hype of his own.

Check out the UFC 217 card as it stands right now.