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Scott Coker: The UFC-Reebok deal is not healthy

Launch Of The Reebok UFC Fight Kit Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Reebok

Former Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, who now runs Bellator MMA for the television suits at Spike TV, knows a thing or two about the mixed martial arts (MMA) business, having promoted some of the best fight cards of all time.

A couple of which outdrew UFC.

But even with all of his experience behind the cage, Coker still can’t fathom how the sponsorship deal Reebok has with his main competitor is legal, or even a viable business option when all is said and done.

“The Reebok deal is not healthy.” Coker told “Telling [the fighters] what to wear, what they can put on? No. We’re happy for our fighters to make money by fighting here.”

Not even UFC is happy with that deal, according to this guy.

UFC and Reebok were expected to change the game when the exclusive deal was inked back in 2015. Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan and most fighters felt poisoned by the “toxic” environment.

Except, of course, those who decided to join Coker in the land of milk and honey.

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