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Skip Bayless: Nate Diaz outweighed Conor McGregor by 40 pounds and beat him with sumo-style wrestling

Skip to 3:20 for the insanity.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight contender and part-time welterweight headliner Nate Diaz somehow broke the record for post-weigh in rehydration, tipping the scale at 169 pounds for UFC 196, then entering the Octagon roughly 24 hours later weighing a staggering 209 pounds.

That’s according to sports columnist and former ESPN mouthpiece Skip Bayless.

“Speaking of fighting a bigger man, a guy who outweighed him by ... I’m gonna guess 40 pounds and had what, five inches of reach on him and got him on the ground,” Bayless speculated during his conversation with Shannon Sharpe. “It’s called wrestling, sumo-style wrestling, and he pinned him.”

McGregor has a 72” reach, compared to 74” in favor of Diaz.

While Bayless has been getting lit up on social media for his ridiculous comments, they aren’t that far off from what promotion president Dana White said when coming to the aid of “Notorious,” who got choked out by Diaz at UFC 196.

“Mac the Giant Slayer” would later avenge that loss at UFC 202.

Somehow this argument is being used in pre-fight analysis for the upcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing match (more on that here), in what marks McGregor’s first foray into the “sweet science.”

Early reports suggest McGregor will enter the ring roughly the size of Rodan.

Stay tuned.

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