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Jon Jones has no interest in fighting Alexander Gustafsson ... in New York

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UFC 214  Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Jon Jones may be the fight that gets the mainstream blood flowing, but that may not be the fight we're going to get. And while Conor McGregor may have been the inspiration for Jones in calling out Lesnar, he fortunately isn't as steadfast in his demands. Jones is on a bit of a victory tour following his UFC 214 win over Daniel Cormier, and he admitted to Good Morning America that he was considering other options until Brock was available.

Now he's expanding on those options with the MMA media.

“Every fight gets my blood flowing,” Jones said in an interview with MMA Junkie. “I know how important it is to never underestimate anyone. I get up for every one. I think the Gustafsson fight is an option for us right now. We’re just going to wait and see. We’re weighing our options right now.”

“To be honest, I love being from New York, but my whole thoughts and dreams of fighting in New York – they’re kind of starting to fade. Looking at it from a business standpoint, it’s not a really good idea to pay 9 percent to the state of New York off the top just for fighting here. With 9 percent of every $1 million, that will add up real quick.

“I realize people from all over the world are going to watch it, whether it’s in Vegas or Canada or wherever. It would have been great to be the first person to fight at Madison Square Garden, but now that it’s happened and everything … I want to do it eventually, but it’s not something that’s a dream the way it used to be.”

There's also the issue that fights in New York tend to turn into clusterf**ks, too. Considering Jon's single loss is due to a questionable DQ loss to Matt Hamill, he's probably acutely aware of that kind of problem. But hey, with so many big fights coming for the UFC's next New York card in November, let's thank Jon Jones for being willing to give us some more high end action on other cards.