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UFC ‘Contender Series’ 5 results: Live stream play-by-play updates

The world’s “toughest job interview” continues this evening as 10 fighters “vie to fulfill their dreams of earning a UFC contract.”

Brandon Davis and Julian Marquez joined the world’s largest fight promotion last week. And another 10 Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hopefuls will duke it out for the same reward tonight (Tues., Aug. 8, 2017) as Dana White’s “Tuesday Night Contender Series” returns to The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) gym.

In the main event, former TUF 23 Light Heavyweight hopeful Jamelle Jones faces CES standout Mike Rodriguez. Former Ring of Combat champ Julio Arce takes on Team Lloyd Irvin representative Peter Petties in the Featherweight co-feature, while Kevin Gray squares off with Alex Perez at Flyweight.

Two-time World Series of Fighting (WSOF) title challenger Donavon Frelow faces Ricky Simon at Bantamweight after Heavyweights Everett Sims and Shelton Graves open the show.


Jamelle Jones vs. Mike Rodriguez — Rodriguez def. Jones by KO (flying knee and punch) at 2:15 of Round One
Julio Arce vs. Peter Petties — Arce def. Petties by TKO (punches) at 2:39 of Round Two
Kevin Gray vs. Alex Perez — Perez def. Gray by submission (anaconda choke) at 2:54 of Round One
Donavon Frelow vs. Ricky Simon — Simon def. Frelow by split decision
Everett Sims vs. Shelton Graves — Graves def. Sims by TKO (knees) at 2:20 of Round Three


Jamelle Jones vs. Mike Rodriguez

Round one: Leg kicks from Jones. Oblique kicks from Rodriguez. One minute in. Not much besides those probing kicks so far. Jones shoots, stuffed and eats a hard knee to the body. Another oblique kick and leg kick from Rodriguez. Two minutes in. Just as Jones ducks in for another takedown, Rodriguez times a flying knee to knock him 99% out. One left afterwards gets the final 1%.

Final result: Rodriguez def. Jones by KO (flying knee and punch)

Julio Arce vs. Peter Petties

Round one: Petties lands a big left hand early. Check right hook. Another right hand jams Arce up and he puts Arce on the fence. Arce reverses. One minute in. Good knee from Petties. They jockey for position. Arce reverses position. Two minutes in. Petties grabs the Thai plum and they separate. Counter shots from Arce, but Petties grabs the rear waist lock. Two minutes to go.

Good knee from Petties. Elbow and combination punches on the break. One minute to go. Arce advancing. Petties tries to spin and puts Arce on teh fence again. Arce reverses. Hard left hands from Arce. 10-9 Petties.

Round two: Leg kicks from Petties. Combination from Arce. More pressure from Arce. Body shot. 1-2 from Petties a minute in. Spinning back kick attempt. Hard left hand stings Petties and Arce unloads with quality punches. He’s tearing Petties to pieces on the fence. Nasty body shots. Arce just smashing him up to the head and body. Two minutes in. Petties tries to throw a left hand and just falls. Arce staying patient with power punches, forces the referee into action after Petties staggers to his feet.

Final result: Arce def. Petties by TKO (punches)

Kevin Gray vs. Alex Perez

Round one: Gray fires a body kick, eats a counter. Hard right hand and knees from Perez. Right hand and knee. Good jab, leg kick. One minute in. Counter right when Gray tries a body kick. Hard leg kick by Gray, Perez lands one in return. Inside leg kick from Gray. They trade kicks. Good overhand right two minutes in. Leg kick from Gray, right hand by Perez. Gray getting caught on naked kicks. He changes levels, denied and clobbered with a knee when he changes levels again. Perez locks up an Anaconda and puts him to sleep in seconds.

Final result: Perez def. Gray by submission (anaconda choke)

Donavon Frelow vs. Ricky Simon

Round one: Simon tries a head kick, Frelow tries a flying knee. Frelow on the attack, winging huge punches to the head and body. Simon puts him on the fence. Good elbow and he trips Frelow to the mat. Left hand from Simon as Frelow stands a minute in. Elbow upstairs. Frelow reverses and separates with some wide swings. Well-timed takedown by Simon. Frelow scoots to the fence and stands, swept back down. Back up two minutes in. Simon with a running slam, a knee, and another takedown. Frelow stands, taken down yet again. Stands again with two minutes to go.

Frelow keeping him against the cage. They separate. Simon misses head kicks, lands a right hand, briefly ties up. One minute to go. Frelow running after him, tries another flying knee. Head kick attempt, but Simon tags him with a right hand. Another takedown from Simon. 10-9 Simon.

Round two: Simon avoids an uppercut and slams Frelow down, but can’t keep him there. Combination from Frelow, capped by a kick. Left hand to the body and he takes Simon to the fence. They trade knees downstairs before separating. Frelow still chasing him with wide punches a minute in. Left hook by Simon. Stiff jab. No real contact for a while. Two minutes in. Leg kick from Simon. He ducks a right hand for another takedown. Again Frelow pops up. Simon tries a spinning elbow with two minutes to go.

Leg kick from Frelow. Knee to the body as Simon ties up, then he eats a spinning elbow. Frelow tries a takedown and gets dumped down for his trouble. Frelow to his knees. Frelow scrambles up, takes a knee. One minute to go. 1-2 from Frelow. Another right hand, this one on the counter. Left hook and he’s swinging wild. Simon transitions to the rear waist lock. They separate again. 10-9 Simon.

Round three: Frelow swinging big to start the round. He’s chasing Simon, lands a body kick. Simon takes him to the fence, lands a knee, gets the rear crucific when they hit the mat. Frelow scrambles up a minute in. Straight right from Simon. Nice combination from Frelow. Frelow’s going for it. Counter right lands for Simon. Straight right, but Frelow blasts him with a left hook and uppercut. They clinch in the center two minutes in. Simon lands well near the fence. Frelow tries a head kick. Jab connects. Simon gets the better of it on the cage, cracks Frelow with a right and shoves him down. Frelow stands. Two minutes to go.

Simon hits yet another takedown on the fence. Frelow gets to his feet. Simon changes levels and sweeps the left leg for another takedown. One minute to go. Frelow gets to a knee, then his feet. Simon slams him down into half guard and fires elbows. He takes Frelow’s back before the bell and pounds away. 10-9 Simon.

Final result: Simon def. Frelow by split decision

Everett Sims vs. Shelton Graves

Round one: Sims orthodox, Graves southpaw. Leg kick from Sims, Graves tries to haul him to the fence and gets put on the opposite fence for his trouble. Graves reverses. Knee from Sims. One minute in. Sims tries to back off the cage, cannot do so. He reverses and lands a hard knee. Graves looks for a high crotch and takes him own into half guard. Sims gets to his knees and then his feet two minutes in. Graves still has him against the cage. Sims still defending, Graves spins to the rear waistlock. Sims grabs a kimura as Graves takes him down into half guard. Two minutes to go.

Sims having issues trying to crank it. One minute to go. Graves gets his arm out, lands some body shots, and looks for the back. Sims rolls, still stuck on the bottom. He gets to his knees and Graves continues to land shots. 10-9 Graves.

Round two: Graves shoots, stuffed. Sims fires a left straight and Graves muscles him onto the cage. Graves completes a single-leg into side control. Sims rolls to his knees again a minute in. Graves trying some ground-and-pound with mixed success. Now Sims seems to be covering up. Two minutes in. Graves still plugging away. Sims really showing zero desire to get up. Two minutes to go.

Sims literally doing nothing as Graves just lands short punches to the head and body. One minute to go. Still going. What even is this. Graves finally opens up with hard knees to the body. 10-8 Graves.

Round three: Graves hauls him to the cage once again. Again he takes Sims down into side control. Short ground-and-pound. One minute in. Ref telling him to “work for the finish.” Full mount for Graves. Sims goes to his knees. Two minutes in. Graves slams in knees to the body until the ref steps in.

Final result: Graves def. Sims by TKO (knees)

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