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Video: David Branch tries to get a haircut with his hat on, curses out Luke Rockhold

Remember the bowl cut?

I guess Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight David Branch is employing a similar strategy, donning his beanie at the barber shop so the clippers don’t take off anything from the top.

Not sure about the sunglasses indoors, but I’m sad and bald so I really don't know what goes on inside the barber shop these days. Apparently lots of cursing, judging by the way Branch unloaded on opponent Luke Rockhold.

“Yo, Lucas man ... the fuck is you talkin’, man? Huh? I heard your little punk-ass fuckin’ interview on Ariel Helwani. Hmm? Self doubt? Motherfucker, what the fuck is you talkin’ ’bout, man? I ain’t lost a fight in five motherfuckin’ years. You can’t box, and you don’t got no fuckin’ chin. You gettin’ in a motherfuckin’ cage with me? You stupid? Man, you cold frontin, man. I’m-a beat you like you stole somethin’. Watch what I do to this motherfucker.”

I hope he wins just for the post-fight interview.

Branch (21-3) was bounced from the promotion back in early 2011, before embarking on a regional run that ended with 10 straight wins and an invitation back to the Octagon, where he promptly decisioned Krzysztof Jotko at UFC 211.

Rockhold (15-3), meanwhile, was able to capture the crown by smashing Chris Weidman at UFC 194, only to cough up his strap in his very first title defense against Michael Bisping at UFC 199.

His Branch fight headlines UFC Fight Night 116 on Sept. 16 in Pittsburgh.

Who ya’ got?

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