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Midnight Mania! Chuck Liddell thinks Chael Sonnen is an easy match up - ‘He ain’t gonna take me down and lay on me’

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Chuck Liddell thinks Chael Sonnen is an easy match up. He was chased down by TMZ, who asked him what he thought of Sonnen hyping the potential matchup. Liddell said he hasn’t talked to anyone about the matchup, but he told Chael to keep doing what he is doing. Liddell said if he were to come out of retirement, the payday would have to be big. If the fight happened, it would be in Bellator, where Sonnen last competed against Wanderlei Silva, winning a decision against him in NYC. Liddell agreed with the fans on Chael’s fighting style, calling it boring. He also called Chael an easy matchup When asked how quick he thought the fight would be, Liddell simply responded,

“He ain’t gonna take me down and lay on me, so ...”

The knockout was inferred.


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