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Midnight Mania! Featherweight champion Max Holloway tells Malignaggi to shut his mouth

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UFC 206: Holloway v Pettis Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Paul Malignaggi is continuing his campaign to make all MMA fans hate him. Some of his arguments are legitimate, some of them aren’t. His point about body punches is at least partly true- boxers typically have much more of an emphasis on body punches, firstly because their only weapons are their two fists, and partly because head movement in boxing is so much more advanced that body punches become a more rewarding option.

As with any sweeping statements by someone who doesn’t watch much MMA, though, it isn’t completely true. Many MMA fighters are excellent at attacking the body. Demetrius Johnson is fantastic at using knees to the body in the clinch- he finished Henry Cejudo using a body knee. Nick Diaz is famous for his body work against the cage. Jon Jones targeted Cormier’s body ruthlessly in his last fight, before testing positive for a Cold War-era steroid. Anyone remember John Lineker?

Featherweight champion Max Holloway has used body punches since the beginning of his career to great effect.

Who better to tell Malignaggi what is what?

In the meantime, Max is just relaxing, waiting on his next fight.

I can’t wait to see him back in action


The Ultimate Fighter kicked off another season today. Roxanne is one of the most lovable personalities in the fight game, and she’s gotten better- a lot better.

You Maniacs will doubtless be keeping an eye on the eye candy. I’m still rooting for Roxanne though.

I forgot Nick Diaz and Ronda Rousey are friends

Congrats to @rondarousey one of my best friends ever and her ole man @travisbrownemma # # #love #love #love

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Poor Derrick Lewis

Big John explaining boxing rules to MMA fans

Edmonton has an incompetent sports commission

This is how ridiculous things have gotten

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Possibly the most spectacular knockout you will see today

For those who are trying to claim Conor is “disrupting” boxing in any meaningful way, maybe don’t ignore boxing’s rich and diverse history of unique styles and fighters?

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