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Conor McGregor wants a third Nate Diaz fight to go down at 155 pounds

If you had any doubts about who Conor McGregor wants to fight next, this latest interview from shortly after the Mayweather fight should erase most doubts. In a small scrum with BBC and RTE Sports, McGregor expanded on previous mentions of a third fight with Nate Diaz, saying it would have to happen at 155 pounds.

“I’m the 155 pound champion," McGregor said. "I faced him at 170, he beat me, then I rematched him at 170, I beat him. Now I’m the 155 pound world champion. If he wants that fight, he must come down."

"That’s a fair trade. I didn’t ask for the rematch at a lower weight, I asked for the rematch at the exact same weight. I thought that was a fair play move on my half and then I came in and I won. So now I won that, then I won the 155 pound title after that. If he wants to fight, he’s got to make that 155 pound limit.”

That shouldn't be a problem for Nate, who has spent the majority of his career in the lightweight division. And as much as Conor McGregor has enjoyed telling people he's kicked arses at 145, 155, and 170, Nate really is more of a 155 fighter. The extra pounds allowed in their first fight were partially due to the last minute nature of the fight but mostly because Nate was trying to squeeze more money out of the UFC to make weight for the bout.

We doubt the UFC will be very excited at the prospect of giving Nate a title shot, considering he lost his last fight (to McGregor) and hasn't fought in over a year now. But what Conor wants, Conor tends to get. That's good news for Nate, who we're sure will bend the UFC over a barrel and make sure he gets paid. And why shouldn't he? The last two fights with McGregor were the biggest PPVs in the history of the UFC.

Go get that paper, Nate!

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