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Midnight Mania! Former Mayweather opponent Andre Berto wants into UFC - ‘Dana White, call me!’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

After McGregor’s foray into boxing, one common response has been, “Conor would beat him in MMA though”.


It seems one former Mayweather opponent, Andre Berto, might want to see how he fares. Via TMZ (via

“I want all of ‘em!” Berto said. “Dana White, you know me, you know my family’s been in MMA for a while, I’m coming to the UFC so Dana White, call me! Tell Dana to call me. I’ll go to the UFC. I wanna be the first fighter ever to be a world champion in boxing and go get a UFC world title. It’s never been done. That’s never been done. Tell Dana to holler at me!”

He’s not correct that it has never been done, of course. Holly Holm held titles in both boxing and UFC. He could very well be for real, though, as his once-pristine record, at one time garnished by a WBC championship belt, has fallen to 4-5 in his last nine outings. More than that, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to MMA, more than most boxers. It runs in the family.

His father Dieuseul competed at UFC 10 way back in 1996, his brother James Edson competed in Strikeforce, EliteXC, and Bellator MMA, and has an overall record of 17-12-1, and his sister Revelina was eliminated in the entry round of The Ultimate Fighter season 18.

He would likely compete at featherweight. With the current champion of that weight class, Max Holloway, known mostly for his standup striking, would Berto generate enough hype to justify a superfight with the young Hawaiian? That could be the primary hold-up -- would UFC see Berto as enough of a draw to give him the $ 1 million-plus payouts he is used to in boxing? The vast difference in boxing and MMA paydays was highlighted by how much more McGregor made in one fight with Mayweather- ten times his biggest guaranteed payday in UFC.

Of course, the other hold up? He could get the James Toney-Randy Couture treatment.


Max Kellerman admits he was wrong about McGregor... sort of. His analysis is still questionable, but he is forced to walk back some of his initial comments.

Sage exploring his other career options, it seems.

I laughed on the inside ...

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