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Video: Watch Cris Cyborg and Bethe Correia eat giant insects in Thailand, make gross faces

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If you’re one of those doorknobs who likes to post “slow news day” in the comments section, while simultaneously complaining that we post too many articles about Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, then I promise you the internet will prove to be a disappointing place.

For the rest of you, particularly those who like to watch bulked up women swallowing hexapod invertebrates, I present to you Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters Cris Cyborg and Bethe Correia, who sample some of the street food in Phuket, Thailand.

And by “street food,” I mean food that is literally plucked from the streets and thrown into a vat of nasty cooking oil, resulting in a chitinous exoskeleton that has been flash fried like a buggy creme brûlée.


So, if eating Scyther from Pokémon GO is something you find appealing, or you stopped going to therapy for your chronic Vorarephilia, fire up that Blu-Ray of Starship Troopers and get munching.

Bug appetit!