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McGregor vs Mayweather results: Conor pulls off the impossible, makes a Floyd fight entertaining - The Morning After

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

At the post-fight press conference, Conor McGregor calmly sipped a cup of whiskey as a reporter asked him a question. He interrupted with a promo for the drink, his “Notorious” Irish whiskey that, no doubt, he will make plenty of money from.

McGregor didn’t win last night... but in many senses, he did.

So did Mayweather, of course. The 40-year-old can now retire with an undefeated record of 50-0, never looking in danger against the Irishman through 10 surprisingly competitive rounds of boxing. He is now some $350 million richer, and got his first stoppage in years, as he promised he would.

For Conor, though, the result isn’t the main thing. Most people who know anything about boxing knew his chances ranged from slim to none. Once Mayweather got going, he was never really going to win it -- especially with judges that didn’t even give him round two, a round he clearly should have won.

What matters for Conor is that he didn’t look bad, at least until he gassed badly in the tenth round. His footwork looked good, his head movement looked solid. He actually landed counters on Mayweather — he snapped Mayweather’s head back repeatedly with his jab. Against the greatest boxer of his generation, McGregor didn’t look out of his depth (at least until round 9). This, somehow, was a much more entertaining fight than Mayweather-Pacquaio. Conor didn’t get flatlined ... he never even hit the canvas. He can claim afterwards that the fight was stopped too early (it wasn’t). We may even see him box again. (I’m just waiting on that Paulie footage to drop) As he said afterwards, he’s come back from being choked out in much more humiliating fashion. This? This was just a bit of fun.

There is a reason Dana White is so happy.

Sunday Funday

Someone is still salty about 13 seconds.

Not all featherweights feel the same way ...

You can go back and forth over details, and I’m sure everyone will, but some of McGregor’s punches did have heat on them.

Brendan Schaub and Nate Diaz disagreeing over how well Conor did:

He deserves to be ridiculed for these boots!

I’m not sure what’s going on, but it makes as much sense as these two normally make ...

That’s ... about right.

The pre-teen girl who beat an adult in Japanese MMA? She got another win last night.

Chris Weidman, tweeting while driving.

Will this fight break the record? It certainly broke the PPV providers. And the Internet was all about it

Never change, Internet. Never change.

I’m not sure how you can give Mayweather round two. Round three was marginal, but this is pretty biased. We all know Mayweather took the first few rounds off, but that doesn’t mean he should be awarded those rounds.

This was the biggest “money” fight in the history of money fights, and it generated a lot of iconic images.

This was the funniest Mayweather costume analogy I saw: The Gimp from Pulp Fiction!

I’ve never seen Spongebob ...

Cody Garbrandt and Aljamain Sterling made sure not to waste their time talking trash to each other last night. No, wait. That’s exactly what they did.

The boxing PPV was probably the slowest paced I’ve ever watched, but at least there was a good reason.

Edson Barboza’s thoughts on boxing.

My own boxing appetite has been whetted for Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin in three weeks.

I’m not sure what is going on here, but that’s the Money life ... I guess.

The last time something this important happened in Las Vegas

Meanwhile, back in MMA ...

They were still doing MMA in Russia this weekend, in case the only things you could think about when McGregor got to Floyd’s back were the grappling possibilities he didn’t have in boxing.

Harvey comes to Houston

On a serious note, my city is under a lot of water right now, and its only going to get worse. Thoughts, prayers and material help would be greatly appreciated by all who live here.

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