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Sportsbook refused to let Floyd Mayweather bet on his fight with Conor McGregor

Boxing: Mayweather vs McGregor Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

If Floyd Mayweather's own estimates are to be believed, the boxing great just pocketed over $350 million off his 10th round TKO of Conor McGregor. But why would "Money" Mayweather settle for $350 million when he could make $351 million? According to ESPN, Mayweather attempted to place a $400,000 bet on his fight with Conor McGregor ending before the 10th round finished. He also tried to place another bet on a knock out of McGregor.

Unfortunately for Floyd, those bets were rejected by The M Resort in Las Vegas due to "concerns over the legality of a fighter betting on anything other than a straight win." Of course, a straight win bet don’t make you nearly as much as an over / under bet. Mayweather was looking at sweet -200 odds for that 10th round finish bet, which would have netted him $800,000.

Mayweather is well known for his habit of gambling on himself to win fights, and confirmed with Jimmy Kimmel in the weeks leading up to the fight that the McGregor fight would be no different.

It's unclear whether Mayweather managed to get any significant bets in following the initial sportsbook's refusal to take his money. But with so many bookies falling over themselves trying to cash in on gullible McGregor fans, we imagine he probably found a taker (if not several takers) before fight night.

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