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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor results: Live undercard play-by-play updates - FOX


13th World Senior Boxing Championships Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

It’s finally happening.

Tonight (Sat., Aug. 26, 2017) on Showtime, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion Conor McGregor duke it out in Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena. Before that, though, we’ve got a pair of undercard “Prelims” matches on FOX starting at 7 p.m. ET. will deliver LIVE, round-by-round coverage of the Showtime pay-per-view, which kicks off at 9 p.m. ET, RIGHT HERE! Once these two fights conclude, be sure to head HERE and follow along as we go through the rest of the undercard.

The feature attraction sees former Olympic bronze medalist Yordenis Ugas (19-3, 9 KO) take on Thomas Dulorme (24-2, 16 KO) on just a week’s notice. Ugas, riding a four-fight winning streak since consecutive decision losses, replaces Shawn Porter, who suffered a death in the family. The FOX line up will also feature a clash between super lightweight prospects Juan Heraldez (12-0, 8 KO) and Jose Miguel Borrego (13-0, 12 KO), the latter of whom is just 19 years old.


Yordenis Ugas vs. Thomas Dulorme — Ugas def. Dulorme by unanimous decision (94-91, 93-92 x2)
Juan Heraldez vs. Jose Miguel Borrego — Heraldez def. Borrego by unanimous decision (96-93, 97-92 x2)


147 lbs.: Yordenis Ugas vs. Thomas Dulorme

Round one: 2-1 lands for Ugas. Dulorme flicking his jab, eats an overhand right. One minute in. Body shot by Ugas. Dulorme whiffs on a hook and they go back to jabbing. Good right cross by Ugas. Dulorme hurling hooks at him, they exchange. One minute to go. They trade right hands. Body jab by Ugas. Dulorme looks for an uppercut. Ugas winning the jab battle so far. 10-9 Ugas.

Round two: Ugas goes low-high with a 1-1-2. Dulorme to the body, 1-2, body shot. Ugas with a right around the guard. They trade in the center. Counter right by Ugas a minute in. They’re both swinging huge. Nice counter right again from Ugas. Dulorme targeting the body. Dulorme busier this round. Clinch with a minute to go. Body shots. Ugas with a combo upstairs. BIG right uppercut takes Dulorme’s legs out and he takes a knee. He makes it back up and Ugas buckles him with a winging right hand for another knockdown. He survives the round. 10-7, 20-16 Ugas.

Round three: Ugas goes right back to teeing off on Dulorme’s head. Dulorme ties up. Dulorme to the body. Overhand right inside. One minute in. They trade big right hands. Ref warns Ugas for pushing. Dulorme to the body. He’s putting heat behind those. Straight right from Ugas. 1-3-2 from Ugas, Dulorme again slugs downstairs. One minute to go. Jab exchange. 1-2 from Dulorme. Good combo by the Cuban. Clinch. Lots of head movement. 10-9, 30-25 Ugas.

Round four: Left hook from Ugas, bigger right hand by Dulorme. They’re both going for it. Dulorme bangs to the body. They exchange in the center, Ugas getting the better of it a minute in. Ugas with a right downstairs. Body shot, clinch. One minute to go. Ugas still winning these trades. Ugas warned again for pushing, apologizes. Closer this time, but still 10-9, 40-34 Ugas.

Round five: Back to the jab exchanges. Ugas with a right downstairs. One minute in. Good 1-2 by Dulorme into the clinch. Stiff jab pops Ugas. Dulorme the busier this round. One minute to go. Ugas connects with uppercuts and hooks as Dulorme weaves, clinch. Hard shots by Ugas, low blows by Dulorme. Dulorme continues to bang downstairs and lands a prety blatant low blow at the bell. 10-9, 50-43 Ugas, although both of these last two could have gone either way.

Round six: Good left hook from Ugas early on. BIG left hook by Dulorme and now he’s pressing forward. Ugas right in there with him a minute in. Right hand into the clinch by Dulorme. 2-1 from Ugas in the center. Dulorme bangs downstairs. One minute to go. Dulorme continues to target the body, eats hooks up top. Good body work by the Puerto Rican. Left hand by Ugas. Ugas complaining about low blows. Vic Drakulich disagrees and they trade hooks before the bell. 10-9 Dulorme, 59-53 Ugas.

Round seven: Dulorme gets overeager going to the body and loses a point for repeated low blows. Both bang to the body. Good left hook by Ugas. One minute in. Ugas avoids a series of heavy shots. Both thump the body, more from Dulorme. Uppercut from Ugas, body shot from Dulorme. They’re planting their feet and just going for it. Ugas buzzed with a minute to go. They’re still going. Uppercuts and hooks on both sides. Left hook and Ugas is down for the first time in the fight! He makes it to his feet. 9-8 Dulorme with the point deduction, 67-62 Ugas.

Round eight: Dulorme slugging. Ugas trying to keep him at bay, doesn’t appear to have the same pepper on his shots. 2-1 by Dulorme. Ugas right hand, clinch. One minute in, both land upstairs before clinching. Ugas to the body. Uppercut to the body by Dulorme. Dulorme to the body, warned again. Ugas with some brutal hooks in the center. Clinch with a minute to go. Another hard left hook from Ugas, Dulorme goes downstairs. Ugas goes low-high with the left-right. Clinch. Dulorme 2-3. Close. 10-9, 77-71 Ugas.

Round nine: They’re still going for it in the center, peppered with clinches. One mintue in. Both land hard to the head to no visible effect. Uppercut by Dulorme. Clinch. Left hook from Ugas, low blow from Dulorme. Left hook by Ugas, uppercut by Dulorme with a minute to go. More clinching. Dulorme to the body, Ugas still complaining of low blows. Uppercut from Ugas, left hook by Dulorme. Plenty of give-and-take. Big hook by Ugas. 10-9, 87-80 Ugas.

Round ten: Blatant low blows by Dulorme and there’s another point. Overhand right lands for him though. Body shot from Dulorme, clinch. Left hook by Ugas, more clinches. One minute in. More clinching. Ref pauses to cut some loose tape from Dulorme’s glove. Back to exchanging at close range. Uppercut by Dulorme, right hand and hook by Ugas. One minute to go. Right hands by Dulorme. Ugas left hook, body shot exchange. More exchanges in center ring. Clinch. Left hook lands for Dulorme on the exit. Dulorme bangs to the body. 9-9, 96-90 Ugas.

Final result: Ugas def. Dulorme by unanimous decision

140 lbs.: Juan Heraldez vs. Jose Miguel Borrego

Round one: Borrego on the front foot. Jabs from Heraldez. Nice jabs high and low. Slick counter uppercut. Heraldez playing matador so far, lands another nice uppercut through the guard a minute in. Uppercut again, more jabs. Borrego goes southpaw, still can’t find the mark. One minute to go. Heraldoez moving well, picking away. Uppercut, four-piece combo. Clinch. Borrego pops him with a left amid the combinations. 10-9 Heraldez.

Round two: Borrego just struggling to land. Heraldez has the handspeed and control of range, plus a huge edge in volume. Another nice combination by Heraldez with his back on the ropes. They trade on the ropes a minute in. Borrego to the body, eats a left hook upstairs. Left hook from Borrego. More jabs piling up for Heraldez. Right hand with a minute to go. Borrego with a three-piece. Left hook and uppercut land for Heraldez in combination. Borrego to the body. He’s definitely getting busier. 10-9, 20-18 Heraldez.

Round three: Heraldez just so much busier, working behind is jab. Borrego grazes him with a flurry. Straight left. Again. One minute in. More jabs and hooks from Heraldez. Three-piece by Heraldez, clinch. Good left hand by Borrego. Both connect with hard right hands near the ropes. One minute to go. Borrego’s doing better on defense, probably not winning the fight through. Both eat big hooks. 10-9, 30-27 Heraldez.

Round four: Heraldez still working the jab, mixing in hooks. Body shot. One minute in. Southpaw 3-2 from Borrego. Borrego overhand right met by a combination. Borrego with some solid shots inside, one minute to go. Borrego bangs to the body. Heraldez to the body and they clinch. They exchange near the ropes. 10-9, 40-36 Heraldez.

Round five: Heraldez still throwing volume on the back foot. Good right downstairs. Borrego struggling to cut the ring, just not landing nearly enough. They trade left hands a minute in. Borrego to the body. Heraldez with a right to the gut and jabs upstairs. More jabs. One minute to go. Glancing left from Borrego, jabs form Heraldez, clinch. They trade on the ropes, neither connects. Body shot by Borrego, warned for forearms. 10-9, 50-45 Heraldez.

Round six: Heraldez isn’t landing super clean, but he’s just throwing and doing so much more. Borrego to the body, ties up. Again to the body, clinch. One minute in. Borrego straight left after eating some jabs. Another straight left backs Heraldez off. Counter combo by Heraldez, big hook. Slip. One minute to go. Borrego looking for left hands. Clinch. They dig to the body on the ropes. Right at the bell, Borrego lands a clean overhand left that appears to wobble Heraldez. 10-9 Borrego, 59-55 Heraldez.

Round seven: Borrego looks more confident, throwing quite a bit more. Heraldez clinching in the early going. Borrego cracks him with hooks high and low. More clinches by Heraldez. One minute in. Left hook from Borrego in the corner. Heraldez to the body, met by a straight left. They roughhouse inside. Nice combo from Heraldez, last one to the body with a minute to go. Borrego still trundling onward. Overhand left from Borrego, flurry by Heraldez. Close round. 10-9 Borrego, 68-65 Heraldez.

Round eight: Borrego finds the mark with some hard shots halfway through the first minute. Heraldez potshotting and they trade on the ropes. One minute in. Jabs land. Borrego waving Heraldez on as the latter bounces combos off his guard. Overhand left, body shot, big left hooks upstairs by Borrego. One minute to go. Hard counters from Heraldez. Borrego to the body. 10-9 Borrego, 77-75 Heraldez.

Round nine: Borrego still advancing. Heraldez tags the body, eats a hook upstairs. Borrego to the body. One minute in. Big body shots by Borrego. MONSTER LEFT HAND ON THE ROPES AND HERALDEZ IS DOWN. He works his way to a knee and takes his time standing. Borrego gunning for the finish. Clinches from Heraldez. More clinching with a minute to go. Borrego to the body. Uppercut upstairs. Thudding hook and right uppercut. Heraldez clinches. Left hook and body shot again by Borrego. 10-8 Borrego, 85-85.

Round ten: Borrego marching after him. Heraldez shoeshines. Nice combos. Left hook from Borrego, more combinations by Heraldez as he takes a body shot. One minute in. Left hook exchange. Heraldez looking sharper than he has in several rounds. Clinch. Check hook from Heraldez. They trade as Borrego chases. One minute to go. Clinch. Clinch. Counters on the ropes by Heraldez. Clinch. Borrego with a solid left, takes more shots before the bell. 10-9, 95-94 Heraldez.

Final result: Heraldez def. Borrego by unanimous decision

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