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Midnight Mania! The list of consequences facing Jon Jones, including possible battery lawsuit from Cormier

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Interim UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Press Conference Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Jon Jones faces a laundry list of potential consequences in regard to his doping violation after his UFC 214 knockout of Daniel Cormier. Lawyer Erik Magraken lays out the potential consequences for this failure on his site

1. Having his victory against Cormier overturned

2. Forfeiture of his purse

3. Forfeiture of his title

4. 4 years of ineligibility imposed by USADA

5. a $500,000 UFC fine

6. A CSAC imposed suspension

7. A fine of up to 40% of his purse imposed by the CSAC

8. A potential civil lawsuit by Cormier alleging battery

Some of these are standard, though more severe because this is Jones’ second offense. A couple of them, though, aren’t as familiar to mixed martial arts fans. A potential civil lawsuit by Cormier (see Cormier’s initial reaction here) ... alleging battery? Magraken explains:

Last but not least Jones may be vulnerable to civil liability if Cormier alleges he never consented to fight a doping competitor. Such a lawsuit can have legs if intentional doping can be proven. Given the bout ended with Cormier suffering a traumatic brain injury this is no small risk. Basically a fighter can argue that doping is fraud and fraud vitiates consent to fight. If this is proven a Court can find that any damage suffered in a bout is a result of an unlawful battery. This is not unprecedented as can be seen from the Collins v. Resto lawsuit for battery via glove tampering and the Ruiz v. Toney doping lawsuit that was resolved via out of court settlement.

While not identical, the idea has precedence in MMA as well, with Mark Hunt currently suing both Brock Lesnar andUFC after Lesnar failed his own drug test after UFC 200.


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Mark Hunt, himself in the process of suing Brock Lesnar and UFC for letting Brock fight doped up, went in hard on Jon Jones ... and not for the first time.

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