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Fake Jon Jones gets lit up on Twitter after not failing UFC 214 drug test, fake Daniel Cormier responds

MMA fans are idiots.

If they weren’t, then talentless hacks like me wouldn’t have a job. After all, who do you think clicks on all those dumbass posts about she-wees and freakish biceps?

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to learn that some UFC fans are blowing up Jon Jones on Twitter after “Bones” flunked his UFC 214 drug test. Unfortunately, they’ve been eviscerating Jon Jones the pasty-faced game developer and not Jon Jones the UFC light heavyweight champion.

I guess their profile pics are so similar it’s easy to get confused.

It got so bad he even started his own website of failed tweets.

Fortunately for the fake Jon Jones, he was able to find comfort from the fake Daniel Cormier, who also got his fair share of social media activity for sharing the same name as “DC,” the fighter who came up short against “Bones” at UFC 214.

And here you thought they couldn’t be friends.

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