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Midnight Mania! Bookies worried as 95 percent of bets are reportedly placed on Conor McGregor

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Conor McGregor Media Workout Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

The number of bets placed on McGregor, as opposed to Mayweather, are so lopsided that bookmakers are beginning to be concerned. While exact numbers are hard to come by, reports that close to 95% of the bets are on the Irishman.

This is worrying for bookies, on the very low chance that somehow McGregor does pull off the upset. An ESPN article highlighted the concern:

"This is like hanging -3 on the Super Bowl and seeing the line move to -8," Jay Rood, vice president of MGM Resorts race and sports, told ESPN, revealing his company's current ticket ratio of 25-1. Last month it was 50-1. "This could be the worst loss in the history of MGM Resorts."


"Ultimately, we want to be in a position where we win a significant amount on Mayweather, but we don't want to be destroyed if McGregor wins," John Murray, a manager and oddsmaker at the Las Vegas Westgate Superbook, said. "We don't want this fight to cost us our whole year."

It is entirely possible, of course, that a lot of money will come in on Mayweather’s side before the fight, lessening the risk for bookmakers. I’m certainly thinking of placing a wager; at odds around -400 or -450, less than the odds Mayweather faced against many of his previous, highly skilled opponents, there is a lot of value betting on Mayweather, 49-0 in professional competition.

Just don’t come to me if somehow, McGregor pulls off the impossible with some freak win.


Cody Garbrandt calling Aljamain Sterling “boy” isn’t that hard to avoid. It’s an obvious racial slur, and an American should know that. Just pick a different word when talking shit. That’s how Aljo sees it.

Dustin Poirier training his strength and conditioning

Must be pretty cool to hear your music on UFC Embedded. Hope he got paid for this.

Matt Brown watching the eclipse with his family today

Wasn't sure about how cool the #eclipse would be but it ended up being 100% worth it! #onceinalifetime

A post shared by Matthew Brown (@iamtheimmortal) on

Brian Stann is moving on from his commentary role with the UFC.

There is more than one way to deliver a blow to the face

Bud Crawford may be the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, uniting ALL FOUR 140-lb. world titles this past weekend.

Dashon Johnson showing love for McGregor, using that solidarity to contrast with recent events in Charlottesville.

This is a child who has spent hours working on her skills

Boss Logic’s art for McGregor-Mayweather

Slips, Rips, and Knockout Clips

Enjoy the plethora of highlights this weekend saw in combat sports, presenting here in a gumbo stew of body shots, knees, elbows, and nasty submissions, in no particular order.

This was my favorite knockout from the weekend

This is painful to watch

Nice spinning kick

Thirty five second finish


Old legend of Muay Thai

Old sparring footage

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