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Video: MMA fighter kills powerlifting champion in brutal street fight in Russia

A street fight in the early morning of Aug. 20 turned deadly in Khabarovsk, Russia, as a man who was well-trained in mixed martial arts (MMA) and competed professionally, was caught on video involved in a street fight against world champion power lifter Andrey Drachev.

According to Crime Russia, Anar Ziranov has been identified by law enforcement as the man who delivered a wheel kick to the towering powerlifter, and then ultimately hit his downed victim with repeated punches to the face as he was seemingly unconscious.

According to the website, the 32-year old power lifter had numerous titles to his name:

Andrey Drachev was World and European champion in powerlifting. The athlete also set a world record in the triathlon with the result of 1t, 75 kg, 500 gr. In April 2017, Drachev participated in the open Bodybuilding Championship of the Primorsky region for the first time and took first place in the category 'Extreme Bodybuilding'.

The cause of death for Drachev -- who hails from Khabarovsk — was identified as craniocerebral injury, and died later in the hospital as a result of the beating.

As of this posting, Ziranov is still at large.

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