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Report declares testimony of Ronda Rousey’s trainer in bankruptcy case as ‘materially false’

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

In 2015, Ronda Rousey’s head trainer -- Edmond Tarverdyan — filed for bankruptcy in a move that raised more than few eyebrows after he claimed to be $700,000 in debt, as many felt being “Rowdy’s” head coach came with many monetary perks.

After initially bailing on his creditor meeting back in November of 2015, Edmond was ultimately hit with a $160,000 bill by his trustee in the bankruptcy case, Jason Rund, to settle it once and for all.

In a report published by Bloody Elbow, Rund concluded that “[Edmond Tarverdyan’s] testimony at the initial Meeting of Creditors was materially false.”

In his final report, Trustee Rund noted, “[Tarverdyan] is a relatively high profile boxing and mixed martial arts trainer who has worked with fighters such as Ronda Rousey and Travis Brown [sic]. However, [Tarverdyan] testified that he does not own a gym and makes minimal income from training relatively unknown fighters. [Tarverdyan] works out of a gym called the Glendale Fighting Club which [Tarverdyan] testified he sold to one of his students because the business was doing poorly. Notwithstanding [Tarverdyan’s] characterization of his sources of income and business interests, the information he provided is not accurate. The Glendale Fighting Club is operated under the corporate entity GFC Fitness, Inc. and the sole shareholder is [Tarverdyan’s] spouse, Diana Avetisyan. The trustee has further established that [Tarverdyan’s] income he receives as a trainer is transacted thru the corporation. Trustee Rund’s final conclusion on the Glendale Fighting Club was that “the current Profit and Loss Statement for the corporation through November 2015 reveals gross income of $657,272 which includes $406,000 from training Rousey… There is no doubt that the success of the gym and corporation is directly related to [Tarverdyan’s] efforts.”

During Ronda’s dominant run inside the Octagon, Edmond’s Glendale Fighting Club’s popularity rose, attracting fighters such as Travis Browne, who is now engaged to “Rowdy.”

Not much has been seen from Tarverdyan since Ronda’s first-round knockout loss to Amanda Nunes last December, and since Rousey is in no hurry to return to action, it will likely be a bit longer before Edmond cageside.

To see the exact number detailing how his Edmond’s creditors made out after settlement click here.

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