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Video: Conor McGregor on CONAN - ‘The only way I go down vs Floyd Mayweather is the history books’

As August 26 draws closer, the media rounds are starting to intensify for Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor ahead of their much-anticipated boxing showdown in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Notorious” made a quick stop on CONAN yesterday — after taking part in a media conference call -- to talk up his upcoming mega-fight against “Money.” And just like he initially predicted two years on the same program, he confidently stated he’d dismantle Floyd now that it’s a reality.

Plus, the power-punching Irishman explains the only way he’ll go down against one of the best boxers to ever live.

“There will be no dancing in there Conan, I am going to go straight in there and put him away inside four rounds. He’s saying he’s going to come towards me, I’ saying I’m going to go towards him, We’re going to find out pretty early who’s telling the truth. We’ll see who take a back step first, I look forward to putting him away. I’m going down in the history books, Conan, that’s the only way I’m going down is in the history books. I’ve dominated UFC and I’m going to dominate boxing also, it’s never been done. That’s where I’m going, down in the history books.”

Indeed, should McGregor upset Mayweather come fight night, there will be no denying McGregor’s place in the history books. Should he coming up on the losing end, well, “Notorious” will still have $100 million reasons to turn his frown upside down.

Plus, he can always come back home.

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